Sahara Apartment: A Glimpse into Ashdod’s Beach-Inspired Living

Discover the Sahara Apartment in Ashdod, Israel, a 170 sqm (1830 sqft) masterpiece by Tzahi Shemesh, designed in 2024. This beach-inspired residence blends natural hues and textures, embodying the tranquility of its coastal surroundings with a modern architectural approach.

Modern open-concept living space with sleek furniture, lighting, and minimalist design.
Spacious, modern living room with large windows showcasing a stunning ocean view. Sleek, minimalist design with stone kitchen counter.
Sleek, modern kitchen with black marble island and built-in cabinetry; cozy dog in foreground.
Minimalist kitchen design with sleek white cabinets, dark marble countertops, and recessed lighting.
Sleek, modern dining space with white tabletop, brown leather chairs, and pendant lights.
A minimalist and modern hallway with a large artwork of a figure in black on the wall.
Spacious modern bedroom with large windows overlooking a coastal view, featuring textured walls and wood floors.
Sleek modern bathroom with marble-patterned tiles, vessel sink, and minimalist vanity.
Luxurious bathroom with dark green marble tiles, modern fittings, and a freestanding tub.
A stunning contemporary bathroom featuring dramatic teal marble tiles and modern fixtures.
A modern and minimalist living room with a sleek sectional sofa, wood accents, and a stunning ocean view.

About Sahara

Seaside Serenity in the Sahara Apartment

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Ashdod, Israel, the Sahara Apartment emerges—a 170-square-meter oasis designed by Tzahi Shemesh in 2024. Drawing inspiration from the nearby shoreline, Shemesh envisions an abode that echoes the sea’s whispers through its interior narrative—a seamless confluence of sand, waves, and coastal tranquility.

A Palette Inspired by Nature

Upon entry, the living space welcomes you with open arms, bathed in the soft hues of sandy shores. Chic, minimalist furniture in beige and creamy white provides a restful counterpoint to the striking black accents. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the room in the glow of the Mediterranean, offering unparalleled views of the coastline that inspired it all.

Transitioning into the kitchen, nature’s influence is irrefutable. The travertine stone underfoot channels the sandy beach, while the sand-colored cabinetry harmonizes with a bold, dark surface reminiscent of seaweed-clad rocks. Here, culinary aspirations are set against a backdrop of elegant simplicity, where form meets function with a grace that nods reverently to the sea.

Intimate Spaces with Coastal Flair

The dining area, a communion of light and texture, invites intimate meals illuminated by sculptural lighting—its curvaceous forms hinting at the frolic of waves. Moving through the residence, a sultry corridor lined with serene artworks and a sleeping canine companion leads to the private haven of the bedroom.

In this intimate retreat, a wooden floor evokes the warmth of a ship’s deck, the material contrasting with a bed backed by a stone-like panel, alluding to the grandeur of a cliff face overlooking the sea. The visual narrative culminates in the central bathroom, a space dedicated to aquatic serenity. Blue-hued marble envelops the bather in an embrace of oceanic bliss, complemented by warm copper fixtures, a freestanding tub, and a shower spacious enough to render boundaries superfluous.

Finally, the balcony offers a subtle encore to this coastal symphony. Furnished to invite contemplation, relaxation, and socialization, it bridges the interior and the majestic seascape beyond with effortless elegance.

With each room, the Sahara Apartment exemplifies Tzahi Shemesh’s commitment to bringing the essence of Ashdod’s coastal environment indoors, creating a tranquil sanctuary that respects its natural muse in both form and spirit.

Photography by Gady Yosef
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- by Matt Watts