Río Real: A Peek into Marbella’s Contemporary Living Spaces

Discover Río Real, a luxurious apartment in Marbella, Spain, designed by Alejandro Gimenez Architects in 2023. This captivating space combines sleek functionality with artistic design for an ambiance of understated elegance. With sun-drenched living areas, modern kitchens, and breathtaking coastal views, Río Real embodies the pinnacle of contemporary living.

A bright, modern living room with beige sofa, colorful accents, and wood-burning fireplace.

A Luxurious Glimpse into Río Real

Nestled in the heart of Marbella, Spain, Río Real, a breathtaking apartment project designed by Alejandro Gimenez Architects in 2023, promises a synthesis of luxury and comfort. The sun-drenched living area greets guests with its clean lines and a neutral palette punctuated by vibrant splashes of color. Natural light floods the space, highlighting the gentle interplay between the plush, cream-colored sofa and the teal armchairs. Sleek functionality meets artistic design, leading the eye effortlessly to the adjoining spaces.

Bright, airy living room with modern sectional sofa, glass coffee table, and vibrant artwork.

Transitioning gracefully, the open plan merges into a modern kitchen where white dominates, underscored by state-of-the-art appliances. A spacious kitchen island beckons, offering a chic setting for quick meals or social gatherings. The simplicity of the white bar stools reinforces the apartment’s ethos of understated elegance.

Modern kitchen with sleek white cabinets, minimalist island, and outdoor access.

A Fusion of Texture and Light

Adjoining the kitchen, the dining area serves as an inviting hub for conversation and cuisine. The colorful area rug anchors the room, complementing the wooden dining table and uniquely designed chairs. The generous windows frame a mesmerizing coastal vista, blending the boundaries between interior grace and the rugged beauty outside.

Modern, bright kitchen with sleek white cabinets, island countertop, and open living room.

Lead by the soft illumination from the lofted ceiling, the ascent upstairs unfolds into an intimate haven. The master bedroom, orchestrated with minimalistic finesse, presents a serene blue ensemble. Subtle design choices, like the strategically placed desk, speak to the apartment’s multifunctional allure.

Bright, airy dining area with ocean view, modern chairs, and vibrant patterned rug.

Uncompromising Sophistication in Personal Spaces

An air of tranquility pervades the master en-suite bathroom, where clean lines and a large mirror expand the room’s dimensions. A crisp, minimalist aesthetic defines the space, featuring cabinetry that whispers effortless sophistication.

A bright, modern loft-style bedroom with high ceilings, skylights, and clean lines.

Venturing outside to the terrace, the seamless union of outdoor-indoor living is undeniable. Contemporary outdoor furniture offers a tranquil spot to soak in the panoramic sea views, with the golden hour casting a warm glow over the space. Here, comfort isn’t just an afterthought—it’s a carefully crafted experience.

Río Real undeniably sets the benchmark for contemporary living—a testament to the visionary prowess of Alejandro Gimenez Architects.

Minimalist, open-plan bedroom with wooden accent desk, expansive window, and sleek furniture.
Contemporary bathroom with a large round mirror, minimalist vanity, and views of greenery.
An elegantly designed living room with modern furniture, wood-paneled ceiling, and panoramic views.
Covered patio with tropical decor, modern furniture, and sweeping ocean views.
Covered outdoor patio with comfortable seating overlooking lush tropical foliage and ocean.

Photography courtesy of Alejandro Gimenez Architects
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- by Matt Watts