Patricia Residence: Bright & Spacious Expansion

The Patricia Residence in Greenfield Park, Longueuil, Canada, is a stunning renovation and expansion project designed by the talented team at Dupont Blouin. This 2021 house renovation seamlessly integrates a 3-level extension, creating simple, luminous, and timeless living spaces. The design focuses on enhancing the kitchen, the heart of the home, with a bright and spacious layout that encourages the client’s passion for cooking. Upstairs, the multifunctional living room offers a versatile space for office, yoga, and relaxation, showcasing the architects’ attention to the homeowner’s needs.

Spacious open-concept interior with exposed wooden beams, modular shelving, and minimalist decor.
A modern kitchen with a white countertop, pendant lighting, and wooden ceiling beams.
Minimalist kitchen and dining area with wood-beamed ceiling, large windows, and clean lines.
A modern, open-plan interior with a wooden ceiling, built-in storage units, and natural light.
Minimalist kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, integrated appliances, and large windows.
Minimalist kitchen with clean lines, wood beams, and pendant lighting over a sleek white island.
Minimalist dining room with exposed wooden beams, large windows, and modern furnishings.
Modern minimalist bathroom with circular mirror, wall-mounted vanity, and glass shower enclosure.
Minimalist home office with large windows overlooking autumn foliage, wooden floors, and built-in storage.
An airy, minimalist room with large windows overlooking a vibrant autumn landscape.

About Patricia Residence

Transforming a Cherished Home: The Patricia Residence Renovation

In the vibrant community of Greenfield Park, Longueuil, Canada, the Patricia Residence shines as a testament to thoughtful design and a homeowner’s vision. This 2021 renovation project, helmed by the talented Dupont Blouin team, seamlessly blends the existing structure with a captivating 3-level extension.

Crafting a Culinary Oasis

At the heart of the transformation lies the kitchen, a space that now encourages the homeowner’s culinary passions. By integrating a high-volume zone for appliances and concealing the stairs, the designers have created a bright, open, and ergonomic hub. The expansive Corian countertop extends to the window, flooding the area with natural light and a sense of warmth.

Gathering in Style

The new dining room, with its exposed joists and increased height, offers an inviting space for family gatherings. Strategically placed openings frame picturesque views and welcome the sun’s rays, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

A Botanical Oasis

Catering to the homeowner’s love for orchids and tropical flowers, the designers have incorporated a captivating plant library. This vertical garden feature seamlessly blends into the space, adding a touch of lush greenery and visual interest.

Multifunctional Living Upstairs

Upstairs, the extension has transformed the living space into a versatile haven. This open and bright area serves as an office, yoga studio, and living room, accommodating the homeowner’s diverse needs. The corner office, bathed in natural light, offers a rejuvenating work-from-home experience, complemented by ample storage for the self-employed resident.

Throughout the residence, a cohesive aesthetic prevails, with a birch wood floor and monochrome palette creating a sense of tranquility. Juxtaposed with the warm wood tones, the strategic use of black lighting and furniture brings a timeless, contrasting touch to the design.

The Patricia Residence is a seamless blend of functionality, style, and personal expression, reflecting the homeowner’s needs and the designers’ exceptional talent. This renovation project in Greenfield Park, Longueuil, Canada, stands as a shining example of how thoughtful design can transform a home into a harmonious and enriching sanctuary.

Photography courtesy of Dupont Blouin
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- by Matt Watts