Sydney Harbour Apartment: Luxurious Renovation with Iconic Views

Brooke Aitken Design‘s captivating renovation of a 2-level Sydney Harbour Apartment, has transformed a once-dark space into a vibrant, art-filled oasis. This exquisitely re-imagined residence boasts incredible views of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, catering to an art collector with a passion for fashion and color. The interiors seamlessly blend the sincere and the playful, creating a personal journey that draws inspiration from the client’s love of Paris and Hotel Costes.

Sleek, modern living space with stunning city skyline view through large windows.
Expansive living space with eclectic mix of vintage portraits, modern furniture, and vibrant colors.
Elegant and modern interior with marble dining table, abstract artwork, and plush purple furniture.
Modern dining area with bold artwork, sleek marble table, and distinctive pendant lights.
Sleek, modern kitchen with marble countertop, wood paneling, and a striking pendant light.
Modern open-plan kitchen with warm wood paneling, marble countertops, and a sculptural light fixture.
Warm-toned floral wallpaper, wood-paneled walls, and a cozy bedroom setup with plush bedding.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with clean lines, natural tones, and a freestanding bathtub.
Sweeping cityscape view from balcony, featuring modern skyscrapers and iconic harbor bridge.

About Sydney Harbour Apartment

Transformative Waterfront Residence: Sydney Harbour Apartment

Designed by the renowned Brooke Aitken Design in 2023, this exquisite apartment renovation in Sydney, Australia (pop. 5.3 million) offers a captivating fusion of style and substance. Perched atop the iconic Sydney Harbour, this property boasts unobstructed views of the legendary Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Harmonizing Views and Interiors

Formerly a dark, compartmentalized space, the apartment now seamlessly integrates its breathtaking vistas. By cleverly combining rooms, the designers have maximized openings to frame the ever-changing harbor panorama. Moreover, the interiors are a thoughtful complement to the surroundings, serving as an artistic canvas in their own right.

Parisian Flair and Australian Artistry

Informed by the client’s love of Paris and the Hotel Costes, the design blends luxurious materials like Calacatta Vagli marble and chevron-patterned parquetry with playful furnishings. Leading Australian artists, including Lindy Lee’s mesmerizing “Listening to the Moon” sculpture, add depth and character to the spaces.

Revitalizing the Master Bedroom

The once-worn and dark master bedroom has undergone a remarkable transformation. By creating a new connection to the ensuite through a walk-in closet, the designers have transformed the room into a serene retreat. Bespoke paneling and carefully curated textiles in warm copper, golden, and deep pink hues imbue the space with a sense of joyful sophistication.

Overall, the Sydney Harbour Apartment is a testament to the power of design to elevate and celebrate the natural splendor of its surroundings. This vibrant, art-infused residence offers a harmonious balance of timeless elegance and modern flair.

Photography courtesy of Brooke Aitken Design
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- by Matt Watts