MYJ House: Eco-Friendly Residential Design with Exposed Brick

This city home, designed by BodinChapa Architects, is located in the Prawet district of Bangkok, Thailand. Completed in 2021, the MYJ House was constructed on a relatively limited land area, with the unique form of the corner lot informing the architects’ innovative design approach. Emphasizing natural ventilation and light while ensuring privacy, the home’s distinctive shape and material palette – including exposed brick and translucent elements – create a harmonious balance between function and aesthetic.

Striking brick architecture with intricate perforated facade, black exterior panels.
Elegant modern interior with sleek concrete, wood, and glass elements; inviting outdoor pool.
Spacious kitchen with industrial-style decor, wood accents, and large glass windows.
Expansive open-concept living space with exposed brick walls, wooden furnishings, and natural light.
Warm, inviting open-plan interior with exposed brick walls, wooden dining table, and cozy seating area.
Sunlit interior with exposed brick walls, a wooden dining table, and modern chairs.
Contemporary brick interior with glass balcony, modern lighting, and open layout.
Sleek modern interior with a pool, lush greenery, and a person relaxing inside.
Vibrant brick arch ceiling frames a lush garden and inviting swimming pool.
Intricate brick facade with latticed patterns creates a visually striking architectural design.
Distinctive modern architecture with brick facade, metal roof, and palm trees.
Aerial view of a modern, multi-story brick building with distinctive roofing and landscaping.

About MYJ House

Nestled in the heart of Prawet district, Bangkok, the MYJ House is a captivating residential masterpiece. Designed by the visionary BodinChapa Architects in 2021, this city home effortlessly balances form and function.

Maximizing Space and Privacy

Despite its relatively limited land area, the MYJ House embraces its corner location to create a well-ventilated and private oasis. The architects strategically positioned the home to shield the main living spaces from the sun’s heat and prying eyes of neighbors, ensuring the owners’ lifestyle remains both comfortable and secluded.

Responsive Design for Optimal Comfort

The architects’ design approach focused on harnessing the effects of sunlight and seasonal winds. By strategically placing the kitchen, laundry room, and staircase on the sun-facing sides, they effectively block heat from entering the central living areas. Additionally, the unique architectural style, with its angled roof and semi-opaque brick facade, further enhances thermal regulation and privacy.

Harmonious Integration of Elements

The MYJ House seamlessly blends its structural elements, materials, and natural features. The angled stairs inform the building’s distinctive silhouette, while the exposed brick facade creates a visually striking connection to the surrounding edible garden and pool area. The architects have carefully curated the use of materials to reflect the owners’ preferences and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Flexible and Interconnected Spaces

The interior of the MYJ House is designed to be open and adaptable. The living room, dining area, and kitchen flow seamlessly, with a lowered floor level creating a sense of connectivity. Furthermore, the open plan on the second floor allows for versatile use, catering to the owners’ diverse lifestyles and hobbies. Thoughtful design elements, such as the horizontal skylight in the central hall, infuse the home with a dynamic and ever-changing ambiance.

A Harmonious Balance of Nature and Architecture

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, the architects have masterfully integrated natural elements into the MYJ House. The edible garden and pool area not only enhance the visual appeal but also serve as a means of passive cooling, reducing the home’s reliance on energy-intensive systems.

The MYJ House in Bangkok is a testament to the architects’ skill in crafting a residential masterpiece that seamlessly blends form, function, and environmental considerations. Its unique design, thoughtful integration of materials, and flexible living spaces make it a standout project in the heart of the Thai capital.

Photography courtesy of BodinChapa Architects
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- by Matt Watts