Art Studio MALEVA: A Creative Oasis in Moscow’s Leisure Centre

The Art Studio MALEVA in Moscow, Russia, designed by the talented team at Blockstudio, is a shining example of functional and uncluttered creativity. Commissioned as a leisure centre for artistic pursuits, this 2023 project boasts well-defined high ceilings, French windows, and a myriad of thoughtful design choices that maximize usability and efficiency. From ample workspace and a small kiln to a cozy coffee station and a curated library, this studio has become a vibrant hub for the local creative community.

Bright, minimalist workspace with geometric sculptures, wooden table, and metal shelving.
Bright, modern office space with open shelving, artwork, and minimalist furniture.
A modern and minimalist office space with a large wooden table, blue stools, and shelving units.
Minimalist studio space with open shelving, wooden furniture, and industrial touches.
Minimalist workspace with open shelves, wooden table, and blue accent stools.
A modern office space featuring a large wooden table, colorful stools, and a unique brick wall divider.
An interior space with a bold, colorful abstract artwork, shelving units, and a round wooden table.
A modern, minimalist room with red lattice walls, floating shelves, and a round wooden table.
Striking geometric brick wall contrasts with sleek, modern kitchen details.
A contemporary bathroom design featuring a geometric brick wall and a modern sink.

About Art studio MALEVA

Nestled in the heart of Moscow, the Art Studio MALEVA represents a captivating fusion of functionality and artistic flair. Designed by the talented team at Blockstudio, this remarkable leisure center was commissioned to provide a dynamic workspace for creative pursuits, and the final result is nothing short of inspiring.

Stepping into the Studio

The studio’s exterior boasts a striking, modern aesthetic, with an imposing facade of strikingly patterned terracotta breeze blocks that immediately command attention. This eye-catching element sets the tone for the artistic atmosphere that pervades the entire space.

A Harmonious Interior

Stepping inside, the spacious and airy interior unfolds, showcasing a thoughtfully designed layout that caters to the diverse needs of the creative community. High ceilings and expansive French windows flood the space with natural light, creating a serene and inviting ambiance.

Dedicated Workspaces

The studio’s floor plan has been expertly optimized to maximize usability and efficiency. Ample workspace areas provide the perfect canvas for artists to explore their craft, while a small kiln area and a dedicated coffee station cater to the practical needs of the studio’s residents. A cozy library, stocked with art books and magazines, offers a quiet retreat for inspiration and research.

A Hub for Creativity

At the heart of the studio lies a round table, serving as a communal gathering space where the creative community can come together to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn from one another. The studio also features a designated area for displaying the handmade works of its patrons, fostering a sense of community and pride in the space.

Thoughtful Design Details

The studio’s design is a masterclass in attention to detail. The striking terracotta breeze block wall, a design highlight, adds depth and visual interest to the space, while the carefully curated lighting by the RAUM bureau team creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The use of natural materials, such as the round wooden table and stools, further enhances the studio’s organic and creative vibe.

A Creative Hub for All

With its well-appointed facilities, thoughtful layout, and inspiring design, the Art Studio MALEVA has become a hub for artistic expression and community engagement. From ceramics workshops to floral arrangement classes, this dynamic space caters to a wide range of creative pursuits, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.

Photography by Mikhail Loskutov
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- by Matt Watts