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A Clean Cut: Transforming a 70s Apartment in Roma

Modern minimalist living room with angular architectural elements and wood flooring.

Tucked within a prestigious 1970s apartment building in Rome, Italy, “A Clean Cut” by designer Filippo Bombace showcases a remarkable transformation of a two-level apartment. This contemporary redesign seamlessly blends modernist elements with the property’s existing architectural charms, creating a harmonious living space for a young family. The project’s careful attention to detail and thoughtful integration of the apartment’s original features highlight Bombace’s design prowess and the client’s desire for a fresh, unencumbered aesthetic.

Monarch: Tactile Elegance in a Modern Russian Apartment

Modern living room with large marble TV wall, minimalist furniture, and natural textures.

Babayants Architects, a renowned Moscow-based design firm, has recently unveiled their latest creation, the stunning Monarch apartment project. Completed in 2023, this minimalist masterpiece showcases the firm’s expertise in crafting elegant living spaces that seamlessly blend architecture and interior design.

Featuring a delicate honey color palette and an abundance of custom-made wooden elements, the Monarch apartment exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, complemented by its soft, feminine lines and meticulously considered proportions.

LD Apartment: Flexible Living in Modern Rome

Bright, open-concept living space with rustic beams, wood furniture, and lush greenery.

LD Apartment in Rome, Italy, designed by Incognito Studio, exemplifies modern design with a focus on flexibility and movement. This 753 sq ft (70m²) apartment seamlessly blends living, kitchen, and bedroom spaces. Highlighting wood, concrete, and steel, it features a striking concrete beam and a vertical steel pillar. The southern wall embraces minimalism, while the northern wall combines wood and terracotta, adding warmth and character.

Arboledas Apartment: Redefining Luxury in Nuevo León

Luxurious open-concept living space with striking wooden ceiling beams, plush seating, and metallic accents.

Experience the sleek transformation of the Arboledas Apartment, a contemporary gem set in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mexico. Spanning 422.59 square meters (4,550 square feet), this space was brilliantly redesigned by Guillermo Tirado González Architects to seamlessly merge its substantial social and private areas. Highlighting materials like warm wood and reflective bronze mirrors, the apartment boasts cleverly hidden doors and reflective surfaces that enhance both light management and spatial perception, making every corner a discovery in luxury.