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Buen Retiro: A Modern Retreat Blending with Roccasparvera’s Nature

A modern, glass-walled cabin nestled in a lush forest, offering views of the surrounding landscape.

Discover Buen Retiro, a striking retreat nestled in Roccasparvera, Italy, designed by the talented Dario Castellino in 2023. This architectural marvel seamlessly blends modern design with the serene beauty of the Stura Valley, offering a unique sanctuary that respects and revitalizes its natural and historical setting. Utilizing sustainable materials and techniques, Buen Retiro stands as a testament to innovative, eco-friendly design.

Casa PM: A Fresh Approach to Suburban Living in Italy

Modern single-story building with tiled roof, large windows, and lush surrounding landscape.

Discover Casa PM, a stunning residence designed by SM* Stefaniamicottistudio in 2022. Located in the serene San Vito di Leguzzano, Italy, this house exemplifies a blend of modern and traditional architecture. With its unique composition set within a suburban expansion, Casa PM transcends the ordinary, offering a deep connection to its agricultural surroundings while leveraging contemporary design elements for a sublime living experience.

Valladolid Project: The Art of Integrating Home with Nature in Madrid

Modern kitchen and dining area with white cabinets, wooden table, and pendant lights.

Discover the Valladolid Project, a stunning initiative by Ábaton located in Madrid, Spain. This private house is a masterpiece of design, reflecting a comfortable living space spread across a single floor for family gatherings. Designed in 2022, the home features an integration of indoor and outdoor environments, emphasizing natural light and energy efficiency.

The architectural simplicity and interior design showcase timeless materials, illustrating a perfect harmony between modern living and nature.