Buen Retiro: A Modern Retreat Blending with Roccasparvera’s Nature

Discover Buen Retiro, a striking retreat nestled in Roccasparvera, Italy, designed by the talented Dario Castellino in 2023. This architectural marvel seamlessly blends modern design with the serene beauty of the Stura Valley, offering a unique sanctuary that respects and revitalizes its natural and historical setting. Utilizing sustainable materials and techniques, Buen Retiro stands as a testament to innovative, eco-friendly design.

A modern, glass-walled cabin nestled in a lush forest, offering views of the surrounding landscape.

A Harmonious Blend of Modernity and Nature

Located in the verdant landscapes of Roccasparvera, Italy, Buen Retiro emerges as a magnificent retreat, a creation of Dario Castellino. Designed in 2023, this project presents a modern extension to an ancient stone relic, encapsulating a profound connection to its natural surroundings. Castellino’s design philosophy breathes life into this project, marrying the old with the new through materials, colors, and architecture that echo the environment.

A modern, rustic cabin-style structure with large windows and a spacious covered patio.

Respecting History, Embracing the Future

Buen Retiro’s design pays homage to a small yet significant stone structure, preserving its essence while bestowing a new purpose. The project intervenes delicately, ensuring the new construction complements the original without overshadowing it. With materials like burnt larch wood and glass, the expansion adds a contemporary touch yet remains rooted in its historical context.

A modern glass-walled structure with a wooden roof and a large, lush grassy area.

Sustainable Techniques for a Modern Retreat

Emphasizing sustainability, the retreat employs CalceLegnoCanapa® for insulation, a choice reflecting Castellino’s dedication to ecological and durable construction practices. The residence boasts large, single-glazed windows on its southern facade, erasing boundaries between indoors and out. The strategic use of the Shou Sugi Ban technique on wood enhances durability against natural elements, a nod to both tradition and innovation.

Cozy mountain retreat with rustic stone walls, wood paneling, and a crackling fireplace.

Energy Self-Sufficiency and Local Craftsmanship

Buen Retiro stands as a beacon of energy self-sufficiency, equipped with photovoltaic panels and an energy storage system, rendering it a zero-emission dwelling. Castellino’s preference for local materials not only supports the regional economy but also underscores a commitment to sustainable architecture.

A modern, cozy interior with a leather armchair and ottoman facing a scenic window view.

This project, a finalist in the Wood Architecture Prize 2024, exemplifies a modern retreat that respects its past while boldly stepping into the future, offering a design that is both captivating and conscious.

Rustic wood-framed cabin with a cozy fireplace, shelves, and large windows offering a scenic view.
Rustic kitchen with wood-paneled cabinets, open shelves, and expansive views of nature.
Cozy cabin interior with rustic wooden walls, modern furnishings, and artistic decor.
A rustic yet modern interior with exposed wooden beams, a cozy reading nook, and textured walls.
A rustic bedroom with exposed stone walls, wooden ceiling beams, and a simple wooden bed frame.
Rustic bathroom design with wooden vanity, wall-mounted sink, and natural stone accents.
A rustic stone building with a slanted roof and glass walls, set amid a snowy landscape.

Photography by Fabio Oggero
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- by Matt Watts