Valladolid Project: The Art of Integrating Home with Nature in Madrid

Discover the Valladolid Project, a stunning initiative by Ábaton located in Madrid, Spain. This private house is a masterpiece of design, reflecting a comfortable living space spread across a single floor for family gatherings. Designed in 2022, the home features an integration of indoor and outdoor environments, emphasizing natural light and energy efficiency.

The architectural simplicity and interior design showcase timeless materials, illustrating a perfect harmony between modern living and nature.

Contemporary living space with a neutral color palette and wood accents.
Modern living room with sofa, chairs, fireplace, and bookshelf.
Spacious living area with large window overlooking garden
Contemporary living space with vaulted ceiling and central fireplace.
Modern kitchen with wooden table, chairs, and pendant lights.
Modern kitchen and dining area with white cabinets, wooden table, and pendant lights.
Modern bedroom with large window overlooking a flower garden.
Contemporary home with large window overlooking vibrant garden.
Contemporary house entrance with lush garden.

About Valladolid Project

The Valladolid Project stands as a testament to architectural and design ingenuity, harmoniously blending with its environment in Madrid, Spain. Designed by the renowned Ábaton in 2022, this private house is meticulously crafted to accommodate the family-centric lifestyle on a single floor, encapsulating the essence of modern, natural living.

Architectural Synthesis with Nature

Rooted in the unique topography of its site, the Valladolid Project confronts and utilizes its slope and the panoramic views it affords. Orientated to savor the southern and southwestern sun while respecting the existing tree line, the architecture seeks not only to preserve but to enhance the connection to the adjacent oak grove. Through this deliberate positioning, the house secures privacy and frames nature as a living artwork, observable through the concerted design of windows and openings. Adding a layer of spatial fluidity, the living room’s ingeniously designed window vanishes into the walls, merging indoor comfort with the lush outdoors across seasons.

Interior Design: Elegance in Simplicity

In the interiors, Ábaton continues its philosophy of simplicity and functionality. The living spaces are adorned with noble materials that promise durability and timeless elegance. Wood and natural fabrics dominate, presented in neutral palettes that invite calm and warmth into every corner. Noteworthy is the master bedroom, where carpentry using reclaimed wood from a historic Madrid apartment infuses the space with character and a narrative of sustainability.

Energy Efficiency: A Modern Imperative

Central to the Valladolid Project’s ethos is its commitment to energy efficiency. Its CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) structure, partly left exposed, speaks to both an aesthetic choice and a sustainable building practice. Together with the integration of photovoltaic solar panels and strategic carpentry, the house achieves a nearly zero energy footprint—a compelling feat that aligns with contemporary environmental goals.

Maximizing Spatial Utility

The layout of the Valladolid Project eschews conventional corridor designs, opting instead for a circulation scheme that accentuates spaciousness and functional use of all areas. This approach ensures that each segment of the house—from the combined living, dining, and kitchen area to the private quarters on both floors—enjoys optimal natural light and connectivity, creating a cohesive and inviting living environment.

The Valladolid Project by Ábaton transcends the conventional boundaries of residential design, embedding energy consciousness and a deep reverence for nature at its core. It presents a living space that not only caters to the functional needs of a family but also stands as a beacon of sustainable, contemporary architecture in Madrid, Spain.

Photography courtesy of Ábaton
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- by Matt Watts