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Hotel in Kamari: A Modern Take on Traditional Greek Hotel Design

A serene contemporary courtyard with a rectangular pool surrounded by minimalist architecture.

Explore the exquisite Hotel in Kamari, designed by Kapsimalis Architects in Greece. Set against the stunning backdrop of both the sea and Prophet Ilias mountain, this 2023 architectural endeavor blends modernism with traditional Greek elements. The hotel boasts an inviting atrium centered around a transforming water element, enhancing the serene Mediterranean atmosphere. Experience luxury where simplicity and elegance meet functionality in this premier holiday retreat.

Pediatrician’s Office: How Color & Wood Shapes Child-Friendly Clinics

A vibrant, whimsical interior with bold geometric patterns, color-blocking, and playful furniture.

Discover the Pediatrician’s Office in Ioannina, Greece, a clinic unlike any other, designed by studiomateriality in 2022. This healthcare space pairs natural wood with rainbow motifs, creating a vibrant, welcoming environment for children and adolescents. Here, every design element—from the geometric shapes to empowering wall messages—ensures a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all its young visitors.

The Stress Center: Pioneering Design in Medical Spaces in Greece

Bright, modern living space with textured curtains, custom shelves, and parquet flooring.

Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, The Stress Center, designed by Skarlakidis Architecture Studio in 2021, offers a unique blend of tranquility and functionality in medical facility design. Nestled in the scenic Kalamaria with sea views, this psychotherapeutic clinic employs a palette of soothing materials and a clever layout to foster an atmosphere of comfort and healing. With its innovative use of space, the center stands as a beacon of contemporary design, aimed at easing the inherent anxieties of medical visits through a spatial dance of movement and repose.

Ka-Ma-Ra: A Unique Rebirth of a Maniot Village House

Scenic stone terrace with cushioned seating, overlooking lush greenery and ocean view.

Discover the innovative transformation of Ka-Ma-Ra, a house in Greece, by Z-LEVEL architecture. Once a traditional café-grocery in a ruined Maniot village, it’s now a contemporary dwelling seamlessly blending history with modern design. This project, rooted in sustainable practices, demonstrates the wise use of local resources and materials, making it a perfect example of eco-friendly living and architectural creativity in 2022.

Square Beach House: A Modern Retreat Among Olive Groves in Sporades

Sleek, minimalist kitchen with floor-to-ceiling glass walls showcasing stunning ocean view.

The Square Beach House, designed by 3Harchitects in 2021, is a modern summer residence nestled among olive groves on Skiathos island, Sporades, Greece. This architectural marvel creates a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, encapsulated within a geometric white cube that extends over two levels, offering breathtaking sea views and innovative living solutions.