Hotel in Kamari: A Modern Take on Traditional Greek Hotel Design

Explore the exquisite Hotel in Kamari, designed by Kapsimalis Architects in Greece. Set against the stunning backdrop of both the sea and Prophet Ilias mountain, this 2023 architectural endeavor blends modernism with traditional Greek elements. The hotel boasts an inviting atrium centered around a transforming water element, enhancing the serene Mediterranean atmosphere. Experience luxury where simplicity and elegance meet functionality in this premier holiday retreat.

A serene contemporary courtyard with a rectangular pool surrounded by minimalist architecture.
Minimalist living space with built-in shelving, oversized sofa, and woven pendant lamp.
Modern, minimalist interior with sleek white shelving, wooden accents, and an open floor plan.
A modern, minimalist workspace with a sleek white desk, built-in shelving, and pendant lighting.
Minimalist interior design with wooden cabinet, white stairs, and modern decor.
Minimalist bedroom design with wood furniture, artwork, and rattan lighting fixtures.
Spacious bedroom with minimalist design, warm wood tones, and natural lighting.
A minimalist bathroom with a sleek black mirror, textured vanity, and wooden accents.
Serene, white-washed architectural structure with arched doorways and lush foliage.
Stunning modern architecture featuring a serene pool and ambient lighting at night.

About Hotel in Kamari

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Hotel in Kamari, envisioned by Kapsimalis Architects, stands as an architectural marvel in Greece, thoughtfully designed in 2023. This hotel not only offers proximity to the serene Kamari beach but also presents a stunning northeast view of the sea and a southwest view towards Prophet Ilias mountain, integrating the natural splendor of its location into its design ethos.

Innovative Design and Spatial Dynamics

The property unfolds over two floors with a basement dedicated to auxiliary uses. Structurally, the hotel wraps around a dynamic central atrium which features a mesmerizing water element that transitions into a sprawling swimming pool. This design serves as the heart of the hotel, around which diverse hotel functions such as the reception, restaurant/bar, and guest rooms revolve in a distinctive asymmetrical U-shape. This layout not only optimizes the captivating views but also facilitates natural lighting and ventilation.

Interior Elegance Meets Environment Integration

Internally, the design pays homage to the traditional Greek architectural styles mixed with elements from the post-seismic modern architecture of the 1950s. The design includes vaulted roofs, horizontal porches, and distinctive stone walls, enriched with a palette inspired by the volcanic landscape’s earthy tones. The decor integrates terra-cotta terrazzo flooring, vibrant colors, and natural materials, enriching the space with Mediterranean charm and a hint of modern luxury. The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, accentuated by tropical plants and sophisticated decor, ensures that every corner of Hotel in Kamari resonates with a distinct sense of place and luxury.

Photography by Yiorgos Kordakis
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- by Matt Watts