BeInfinity by Lukstudio: Playing in Colors

In Hankou, Wuhan, China, a space is redefining wellness and social interaction. The BeInfinity project, brilliantly conceived by Lukstudio in 2023, fuses sports, fitness, and recreation in an urban social club.

Sprawling atop a downtown shopping mall, this architectural marvel champions vibrant color psychology and innovative geometry to cater to diverse motivations. With its 35,000 sq.ft. (approximately 3,500 sqm) of dynamic activity spaces, BeInfinity is not just a destination—it’s an exhilarating journey into the future of holistic well-being.

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About BeInfinity

Evolving Social Dynamics in the Pandemic Era

In the backdrop of the pandemic era, the allure of motor activities for health and wellness has significantly grown. Now, more than ever, diverse physical pursuits captivate us. Consequently, BeInfinity, masterminded by Lukstudio, emerges as an innovative nexus. At this vibrant social club in Wuhan, they’ve harmoniously blended professional sports, fitness training, and recreational activities.

An Elevated Destination in Hankou, Wuhan

Situated atop a downtown Hankou mall, BeInfinity boasts an expansive stretch over the original 25,834 sq.ft. (2400 sqm) venue. This 24.6 ft (7.5m) high hall welcomes visitors right from its grand entrance. Moreover, with the recent addition of a mezzanine, the space has been further amplified to a generous 37,673 sq.ft. (3500 sqm). Additionally, inviting breakout zones, including a cozy entrance café, dot the venue.

Designing Against the Grain

Crafting visual unity among varied activities undoubtedly posed a formidable challenge. It not only demanded extensive data collection, spanning spatial planning to material nuances, but also deep contemplation. Determinedly, Lukstudio undertook exhaustive research, especially focusing on finishes and fixtures. Their aim? To prioritize user-friendly acoustics and lighting, and in doing so, elevate a generic workout space into an iconic locale.

A Symphony of Color and Contrast

Drawing inspiration from the iconic game, Tetris, and the multifaceted world of color psychology, “dopamine blocks” soon became pivotal. For instance, red, symbolizing strength and excitement, prominently features in the dynamic gym. Conversely, the serene blue offers a calming backdrop for precision activities like air rifle shooting and baseball batting. Meanwhile, lively yellow infuses zones like snook ball, volleyball, and ping-pong with joy. Furthermore, besides stirring emotions, these color-coded sections greatly facilitate intuitive navigation for visitors.

Complementing this burst of color, the atrium and breakout areas introduce a softer palette. Neutral gray and wooden hues cast a soothing aura, perfectly counterbalancing the vivid zones. This vast space, seamlessly integrating activities like rock-climbing, basketball, and boxing, further boasts a central stage and a 50.8 ft x 21.3 ft (15.5m x 6.5m) LED screen. Ideal for group activities or game broadcasts, they enrich the ambiance. Additionally, two semi-circular balconies offer a tranquil reprieve, reminiscent of the circles on a basketball court.

Detailing: The Art of Subtlety

In design, details can make or break the outcome. At BeInfinity, graphic patterns infuse the spaces with vitality. The gradient metal ceiling grid, for example, subtly shifts its density in response to activity levels. Similarly, woodwool panels, meticulously etched into pixels, sketch out arrows or graphs, enriching the ambiance. This design ethos, remarkably, extends even to the staircases.

The entrance café is no exception. It weaves in dynamism through its ceiling light grid and sports-inspired flooring graphics. Even the furniture pays a heartfelt tribute to the world of sports: a baseball-inspired green sofa with red stitches, strength equipment mimicking table legs, and a jump box-like wooden stool.

Bridging Sports and Leisure

BeInfinity, in essence, stands as a beacon at the crossroads of sports and entertainment. Catering to a diverse spectrum of ages and preferences, it beckons with promise. Through a combination of geometric clarity, bold colors, and tactile materials, Lukstudio has crafted a veritable oasis. Here, visitors can effortlessly reconnect with their vivacious, inventive selves, all while basking in the sheer artistry of sportsmanship.

Photography by Dirk Weiblen

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- by Matt Watts