Bloomage Chengdu 528 Art Village Royal Capital

In the heart of Chengdu City – a city steeped in a rich blend of the classic and contemporary, Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design presents Bloomage Chengdu 528 Art Village Royal Capital. In this apartment masterpiece, the year 2023 witnesses a confluence of Chengdu’s iconic spirit with design elements that break away from the mundane.

Reflecting Chengdu’s celebrated dynamism, the design captures a dance between the avant-garde vitality of “Lady” and the cool rationality of “Mr. Right”. In a world where design often borders on the monotonous, here is a residential space that celebrates both independence and intimacy, resonating with Chengdu’s ever-present promise of artistic freedom and growth.

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About Bloomage Chengdu

Chengdu: The City of Artistic Freedom

Historically, Chengdu has stood as a beacon of freedom, consistently pioneering timeless trends. Seamlessly blending tradition, the city masterfully conserves history, redefines the past, and paves a path for the future. Here, art thrives unbridled.

From their very first sketch, the designers ambitiously aimed to capture Chengdu’s distinctive spirit. In today’s world, where identical designs often dominate the housing market, breaking the mold becomes the real challenge. Their primary goal? To fearlessly create spaces without boundaries.

Spaces with Attitude: Lady & Mr. Right

Indeed, a space can both possess attitude and radiate personality. Armed with this conviction, the design team set forth on a transformative journey for two duplex units. Mirroring each other, these plans, aptly named Lady and Mr. Right, are each charged with their own energy. Whereas the Lady’s space passionately brims with romantic fervor, Mr. Right’s space confidently exudes calm poise. However, both spaces elegantly celebrate modern flair with a touch of the classics. In these spaces, the living room, guest area, and kitchen come together, forging a central hub for family connections. Thoughtfully, the design ensures seamless flow, while a mix of materials like resin and terrazzo invigorates every corner.

Lady: A Bohemian Dream

Romanticism, at its core, thrives on diversity, adeptly blending distinct details with enigmatic nuances. And Bohemia? It’s a vibrant tapestry of colors, wanderlust, and grand fantasies. Designers, utterly captivated by its spiritual depth, masterfully crafted a space of dreamlike wonder. The living room, for instance, stands central, where hues gracefully dance, echoing the vivacity of a cascading waterfall. Moreover, a stunning resin mosaic serves as a testament to warmth and abundance, setting the stage for life’s myriad moments.

Layered upon this rich canvas, natural elements playfully blur boundaries, weaving an air of romantic abstraction. Organic fabrics sync harmoniously with refined stone, offering both vivacity and comfort. Meanwhile, the dining and kitchen areas strike a practical note, engaging in a visual dance with adjacent spaces. Warm hues gently rule the bedroom, with gradient art extending the theme of unrestricted freedom. In the bathroom, sunset-inspired mosaics play off gold accents, crafting a harmonious romantic oasis. The combined study and guest space pulsates with life, minimally designed to eagerly embrace future transformations.

Mr. Right: A Tale of Urban Precision

While colors can stir deep emotions, rationality always provides a solid anchor. Aiming for a neutral, urban-modern space, designers carefully chose materials like Italian thin porcelain tiles (width in inches) to foster coherence. Classic undertones subtly mingle with contemporary furniture designs, illuminating the space with intrigue and flair. Generously, sunlight floods the guest area, harmoniously connecting it with the living and dining spaces.

Whether in the bedroom or bathroom, each design detail resonates deeply with the space’s essence. Contrasting hues ripple beautifully through the setting, while functional adjustments like mirror and basin sizes optimize usability. Ultimately, each design element transcends to pure artistry. Upon completion, the owner’s immense satisfaction testified to the undeniable success of these contrasting styles. After all, nurturing dreamers remains an unwavering priority at Huaxi 528 Art Village.

Crafting Residences with Essence

Cityscapes, living atmospheres, and design ethos synergize, redefining modern residences. At Huaxi 528 Art Village, the lively pulse of urban life infuses the space, seamlessly ushering residents into a realm where art and daily life intertwine.

Photography by TOPIA Visuals

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- by Matt Watts