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Casa Sui: A Unique Eco-Conscious Haven in Brazil

FeaturedCasa Sui: A Unique Eco-Conscious Haven in Brazil

Step into the world of Casa Sui, a unique and modern single-story house designed by Nídia Duarte Architecture, nestled in the lush gardens of Palácio das Mangabeiras in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

This remarkable home, redesigned in 2022, features a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, seamlessly integrating the indoors with the picturesque landscape of Minas Gerais. Casa Sui was built with sustainability and adaptability in mind, using optimized metallic bars to minimize waste and speed up the construction process.

Experience the beauty of this eco-conscious haven as you explore its open layout, cozy breakfast area, and gourmet living spaces. Marvel at the intricate details, such as the woven nautical ropes, iron and wood chaise by André Ferri, and stunning quartzite panel in the bedroom, all of which showcase the rich Brazilian culture and design heritage.