Two-storey Apartment by Mood Works

Designed by Dorota Kuc and Karina Snuszka of Mood Works, this two-storey apartment is located in Warsaw, Poland.

Description by Mood Works

This two-storey apartment, with open spaces, simple forms and not overwhelming architecural solutions, had been designed by Dorota Kuc and Karina Snuszka in the way to create a great background for the art collection, finest materials and iconic design pieces. They had used a combination of natural and artificial light, finest materials, black & white contrasts and a bit industrial character, to create modern, energetic space.

When the sliding doors open, they reveal another spaces of the apartment. First is the living room, then bedroom, and then bathroom. When opened, we can see „through” the apatment, when closed – each space is separated and becomes very private.

Photography by Rafal Lipski

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- by Matt Watts

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