Palm Springs Residence by Lineoffice Architecture

Palm Springs Residence located in California, is a mid-century modern house designed in 2016 by Lineoffice Architecture.

Sleek modernist architecture with a desert-inspired landscape and palm trees.
A sleek, modern home with a minimalist patio, pool, and mountain backdrop.
Modern architectural design with minimalist home, pool, and lush palm trees.
Modern, minimalist living room with white sofas, vibrant accents, and an artistic display.
Sleek, modern living room with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, white furniture, and vibrant accents.
Minimalist interior with sleek white furniture, glass table, and open layout design.
Minimalist interior with large glass windows overlooking a lush outdoor landscape and prominent
Modern, minimalist white building with glass walls and a cactus-filled desert landscape.
Sleek, modern home with expansive glass walls and lush, green landscaping.
Stunning modern villa with sleek glass walls, sprawling pool, and lush palm trees.

About Palm Springs Residence

The Palm Springs Residence, designed by Lineoffice Architecture, sits in the heart of Palm Springs, California. Completed in 2016, this mid-century modern house epitomizes clean lines and minimalist design, blending seamlessly with its desert surroundings.

Striking Exterior Design

The house’s exterior features a stark white facade, accentuated by the bright desert sunlight. Palm trees punctuate the landscape, adding a touch of nature to the modern design. The clean, geometric lines of the building create a striking contrast against the rugged mountains in the background. Desert plants and minimalist landscaping further enhance the home’s integration with its environment.

Modern Interior Spaces

Inside, the design continues with a bright, open layout. The kitchen, with its all-white cabinetry and sleek finishes, serves as the heart of the home. Adjacent, the dining area features a glass-top table and modern chairs, maintaining the minimalist aesthetic.

The living room is a blend of comfort and style. White sofas, accented with blue chairs and an orange coffee table, create a vibrant yet cohesive space. Large windows flood the room with natural light, connecting the indoor space with the outdoor environment.

The bedroom continues the theme of simplicity and elegance. Clean lines, minimal furniture, and a neutral color palette create a peaceful retreat. The large windows offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, ensuring a seamless connection with nature.

Outside, the backyard features a pristine swimming pool, perfect for the warm California climate. The outdoor seating area, complete with modern furniture, provides an ideal space for relaxation and entertainment. The use of white and natural materials ties the outdoor area back to the home’s overall aesthetic.

Palm Springs Residence by Lineoffice Architecture is a masterpiece of mid-century modern design, offering a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. Designed in 2016, it remains a timeless example of minimalist architecture in Palm Springs, California.

Photography by Lance Gerber

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- by Matt Watts