Apartment in Milan by Studio Tenca & Associati

Designed in 2016 by Studio Tenca & Associati, Apartment in Milan is a contemporary home located in Italy.

Modern minimalist living room with sleek furniture, geometric decor, and a striking abstract mural.
Modern living room with abstract wallpaper, pendant lights, and minimalist furniture.
Minimalist living room with large TV, pendant lights, and modern dining furniture.
Modern dining space with sleek minimalist furniture, black and gold pendant lights.
Minimalist dining area with abstract wall decor, floating shelves, and contemporary furnishings.
Modern kitchen with sleek dark cabinets, patterned wall, and minimalist decor.
Bright, minimalist children's bedroom with a skylight, white walls, and modern furnishings.
Minimalist bedroom with patterned accent wall, vaulted ceiling, and modern furnishings.
Minimalist bathroom design with textured white wall, wooden vanity, and modern vessel sink.
A modern bathroom vanity with a white circular sink, wooden shelving, and various accessories.
Minimalist white bathroom with wooden elements, modern fixtures, and bright natural lighting.
Modern entryway with round mirrors, pendant lights, wooden table, and decorative elements.

About Apartment in Milan

Welcome to a thorough exploration of Studio Tenca & Associati’s modern apartment project located in the heart of Milan, Italy. Designed in 2016, this apartment showcases the seamless blending of sophisticated architecture and functional interior design that caters to contemporary living.

Architectural Brilliance: The Exterior

The exterior of the “Apartment in Milan” stands as a testament to modern design. Its clean lines and use of glass integrate beautifully with Milan’s dynamic skyline, providing an inviting transparency that contrasts with the urban setting. The thoughtful arrangement of windows allows abundant natural light while offering expansive views of the bustling city.

Transition to Interiors: Entrance and Living Area

Upon entering the apartment, one is greeted by an open-plan living area that emphasizes spaciousness and fluid movement between spaces. The sleek, minimalist furniture complements the wooden accents found in the flooring and paneling, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This area is not only a place for relaxation but also serves as a focal point for social gatherings, enhanced by the striking views provided by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Heart of the Home: Kitchen and Dining

Adjacent to the living area, the kitchen and dining space confirms the apartment’s commitment to functionality meshed with style. The modern kitchen features state-of-the-art appliances and a long island that doubles as a casual dining spot, perfect for quick meals or morning coffee. The dining area, defined by a sturdy, stylish table and surrounded by chic seating, offers a perfect setting for dinner parties or family meals, with the backdrop of Milan’s skyline.

Continuing the journey inside, each room is meticulously designed to maintain the apartment’s sleek aesthetic while ensuring comfort. The use of soft textiles and strategic lighting throughout the apartment enhances the sense of coziness, making it a perfect urban retreat.

In summary, the “Apartment in Milan” by Studio Tenca & Associati is a prime example of modern living at its best—where design and functionality meet to create a comfortable, yet stylish environment that truly feels like home.

Photography by Riccardo Gasperoni

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- by Matt Watts