OKO Apartment by Tolko Interiors

Located in Moscow, Russia, OKO Apartment is a luxurious home designed in 2016 by Tolko Interiors.

Sleek, modern living space with striking architectural elements and luxurious furnishings.
Luxurious modern living room with sleek furniture, lighting, and minimalist design elements.
Luxurious modern living space with sleek black and wooden architectural features.
Luxurious living room with sleek furniture, stone coffee table, and warm wood floors.
Sleek, modern interior featuring bold, angular architectural elements and luxurious furnishings.
Sleek modern kitchen with marble island, wood floors, and striking pendant lighting.
Sleek modern interior with bold black metal partition, marble dining table, and wood floor.
Spacious bedroom with a luxurious, modern design featuring rich textures and colors.
A modern, sophisticated bedroom with dark gray walls, wood floors, and minimalist lighting.
Elegant contemporary bedroom with plush orange upholstered headboard, sleek lamps, and patterned bedding.
Luxurious bathroom with dark marble walls, freestanding bathtub, and recessed lighting.
Luxurious bathroom with marble walls, freestanding tub, and modern lighting fixtures.
Modern bathroom with dark tile, marble vanity, and recessed lighting accents.

About OKO Apartment

Stepping into OKO Apartment, the 2016 creation by Tolko Interiors in Moscow, opens the door to luxury redefined in urban living. This apartment isn’t just a space; it’s a carefully crafted experience, starting with the living room. Plush seating in rich textures sets the stage for a cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Overhead, a striking light fixture arcs across the room, mingling with the natural light that floods in through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Modern Dining: Where Function Meets Form

Adjacent to the living area, the dining space presents a fusion of style and practicality. A sculptural table anchors the room, surrounded by minimalist chairs that provide an aesthetic counterpoint. The balance of wood and metal accents creates a space that’s both warm and current, proving that functional areas can also serve as visual focal points.

The kitchen continues the narrative of chic functionality. A marble island stands out against the warm wood floor, offering both a workspace and a casual dining spot. State-of-the-art appliances are seamlessly integrated, making the space as efficient as it is striking. The design cleverly incorporates ample storage, ensuring that every utensil and appliance is conveniently at hand without cluttering the clean lines of the room.

An Intimate Retreat: The Bedroom

Moving into the bedroom, the mood shifts to a more intimate setting. A low-slung bed serves as the centerpiece, flanked by statement lighting that casts a warm glow. The clever use of curtains and textures creates a cocoon-like feel, inviting relaxation at any time of day.

Bathrooms in OKO Apartment are a lesson in the luxury of simplicity. The sleek fixtures play off against rough-textured walls, creating an interplay of surfaces that’s visually compelling. The layout is as practical as it is elegant, with twin basins adding a touch of indulgence to daily routines.

The apartment’s design culminates in a master bathroom that’s akin to a private spa. A freestanding tub invites leisurely soaks, set against a backdrop of contrasting materials that speak to the sophisticated palette of Tolko Interiors. Carefully placed lighting enhances the room’s ambiance, ensuring that every visit is a restorative experience.

OKO Apartment is more than just an address in Moscow’s skyline. It’s a statement of refined living, a seamless blend of comfort and modern aesthetics that stands as a proud example of Tolko Interiors’ vision for luxury residences. It’s a space that doesn’t just house its residents – it inspires them.

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- by Matt Watts