Residence in Salerno by Studio 74ram

Residence in Salerno is an inspiring modern dwelling located Italy, designed in 2015 by Studio 74ram.

Spacious open-concept living area with stone columns, wood furniture, and modern lighting.
A cozy living area featuring a stone pillar, plush armchair, and eclectic decor.
Rustic dining room with stone columns, wooden table, and built-in bookshelves.
A spacious living area with a natural wood dining table, pendant lights, and a brick column.
Spacious, modern living room with stone columns, built-in shelves, and a cozy sofa.
Warm, open-plan interior with stone columns, wooden staircase, and recessed lighting.
Warm, modern interior with stone accents, comfortable sofa, and natural lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wood accents, suspended shelving, and pendant lights.
The image showcases a modern open-plan kitchen and living area with a sleek, minimalist design.
A cozy bedroom with a raised platform bed, freestanding tub, and rustic decor elements.
Elegant bathroom with freestanding tub, ornate mirror, and cozy reading nook.
A cozy bathroom with natural wood accents, geometric tile patterns, and task lighting.

About Residence in Salerno

Welcome to “Residence in Salerno,” a modern house designed by Studio 74ram, perched in the charming town of Salerno, Italy. Completed in 2015, this home is a showcase of modern design, flowing with an air of simplicity and functionality.

The Warm Embrace of Modernity

Our tour begins with the exterior: a blend of texture and form greets the eye. Clean lines intersect with raw materials, setting a tone of contemporary elegance. The house sits comfortably in its setting, its design a thoughtful response to the local climate and topography.

Stepping inside, we transition to the living room. Here, space breathes, with natural light spilling across the minimalist decor. Sand-hued walls provide a canvas for shadows and sunbeams to play throughout the day. The room flows effortlessly into the dining area, where a robust wooden table stands as the heart of the home, inviting family gatherings and lively conversations.

A Continuity of Spaces

The kitchen speaks of sleek efficiency, where functionality meets chic aesthetics. Black cabinetry and stainless steel appliances underscore the home’s modern ethos, while red chairs add a dash of vibrancy. Every detail is intentional, creating a space that is as pleasant to look at as it is to cook in.

The staircase, a structural feature turned sculptural element, guides us to the private quarters. It wraps around the core of the house, connecting levels and lives with each ascension.

Intimate Corners for Rest and Reflection

In the bedrooms, warmth and comfort are paramount. Wooden flooring underfoot contrasts with the cool, muted tones of the walls. The rooms are sanctuaries, quiet and reserved, offering a retreat from the day’s activities. Glass partitions and reflective surfaces expand the space, creating a seamless flow between sleep, relaxation, and the rituals of daily life.

Finally, the bathrooms echo the home’s theme of understated sophistication. The use of natural wood and stone in functional features demonstrates a commitment to materials that are both beautiful and durable.

Studio 74ram’s Residence in Salerno stands as a striking example of modern residential architecture — where design and daily life come together in perfect harmony.

Photography courtesy of studio 74ram

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- by Matt Watts