Wyndham Apartments by The Furniture Union

Designed by The Furniture Union, Wyndham Apartments is a modern apartment house situated in Greenwich, London, UK.

Minimalist living room with geometric shelves, plush sectional, and oversized glass coffee table.
Modern apartment interior with sleek kitchen, dining area, and living room accented with pops of yellow.
Bright, modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, pendant lights, and a dining area overlooking the city.
A modern kitchen design featuring sleek white countertops, dark cabinetry, and pendant lighting.
Modern kitchen with glass shelves, recessed lighting, and sleek design elements.
Modern dining area with glass table, white chairs, and wall shelving overlooking cityscape.
Minimalist bedroom with tufted gray headboard, white furniture, and recessed lighting.

About Wyndham Apartments

Stepping into the Wyndham Apartments, one immediately recognizes the influence of The Furniture Union in the vibrant heart of Greenwich, London. With modern design at its core, this apartment, realized for a private client, showcases bespoke interior brilliance and Italian furniture artistry.

Modern Living Redefined

The living room, a cornerstone of comfort, is a showcase of carefully selected furnishings by The Furniture Union. Here, the mustard grid shelving and the sleek swivel TV unit catch the eye, creating a focal point that’s both functional and stylish. The sofa, featuring an adjustable arm for added comfort, is a statement of practical luxury, upholstered in an easy-clean fabric that caters to a relaxed, yet refined lifestyle.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Transitioning to the bedroom, the design takes a personal turn. The plush bed, adorned with custom purple accents, stands against a backdrop of minimalist elegance. The bedroom furniture, from the sleek white wardrobes to the strategically placed nightstand, reflects a harmonious blend of comfort and modernity.

Culinary Chic

The kitchen and dining area are the epitome of modern functionality meshed with bespoke beauty. A specially made kitchen island, complete with wider drawers and built-in wine racks, complements the reduced-size glass dining table. Here, one can bask in the morning light that floods through generous windows, highlighting the sharp, clean lines of a space designed for both culinary creation and social interaction.

The narrative of the Wyndham Apartments is one of modern sophistication, a living space thoughtfully fashioned to enhance daily life through design and function. With its prime location and unique, client-focused furnishings, it stands as a modern homage to bespoke living in the bustling context of London.

Photography courtesy of The Furniture Union

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- by Matt Watts