Fendi Chateau by Design Solutions Miami

Fendi Chateau is a luxurious apartment located in the United States, designed in 2017 by Design Solutions Miami.

Spacious living room with contemporary furnishings, wooden ceiling, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Luxurious room with stunning ocean view, rustic wooden table, and chic decor.
Spacious living room with built-in shelving, plush seating, and a stylish coffee table.
Spacious, open-concept living area with panoramic ocean views, modern furnishings, and decorative elements.
A modern living room with sleek shelving, plush seating, and a large TV against a neutral color scheme.
Stylish living room with modern furniture, large windows, and sleek shelving units.
Slatted wood feature wall with floating shelves displaying artwork and decor, minimalist design.
Luxurious apartment interior with floor-to-ceiling windows, modern lighting fixture, and stylish decor.
Spacious and modern open-concept living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, minimalist furniture, and warm lighting.

About Fendi Chateau

Welcome to Fendi Chateau

In 2017, Miami, Florida welcomed Fendi Chateau, a luxury apartment designed by Design Solutions Miami. Its facade, a blend of modern lines and glass, invites light and ocean views into each space. A step inside reveals a symphony of design and comfort.

Step Inside the Living Oasis

Upon entry, the living room greets guests with plush sofas and a sleek white palette, accented by artful decor. Each piece, strategically placed, complements the room’s purpose: a place for relaxation and social gatherings. The soft glow from the unique light fixtures casts a warm ambiance, while the panoramic windows frame the vibrant Miami scenery.

Transitioning into the dining area, the atmosphere shifts to one of chic sophistication. Here, a large table invites diners to enjoy meals beneath statement lighting. Open shelving adorns the walls, displaying an array of intriguing art pieces and books, which add a personal touch to the room’s polished design.

Discovering the Heart of the Home

The kitchen stands as the heart of the home with its state-of-the-art appliances and minimalist aesthetic. It offers a functional yet stylish backdrop for culinary exploration. The harmony between the natural wood tones and the modern fixtures encapsulates the apartment’s design ethos: luxury without excess.

As you move to the private quarters, the master bedroom presents a sanctuary for rest. The bed, with its crisp linens and commanding presence, promises a restful slumber. Carefully selected artworks contribute to the room’s calm, yet sophisticated air, ensuring that every moment spent here is one of pure relaxation.

The en-suite bathroom, a continuation of the bedroom’s elegance, features sleek surfaces and modern fittings. The clear glass shower and large mirrors expand the space, creating an open and airy feel. Fine detailing in the accessories and textiles completes the experience of indulgent luxury.

Each additional bedroom and bathroom maintains the high standard set by the rest of the apartment, with furnishings and designs that balance comfort with style. Attention to detail ensures that each room offers a unique experience while contributing to the overall cohesion of the home.

Fendi Chateau stands proudly as a beacon of luxury living, showcasing the pinnacle of modern design and the allure of Miami’s coastal landscape. This residence is not just a place to live; it’s a statement of refined style and sophisticated living.

Photography courtesy of Design Solutions Miami Interior Design & Architecture

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- by Matt Watts