Güths House by ArqBr Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Modern single family house located in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia, designed in 2017 by ArqBr Arquitetura e Urbanismo.

Description by ArqBr Arquitetura e Urbanismo

The house is located in a quiet area of Brasilia’s outskirts.

The aim was to construct a 300m² single story house to be mostly used during weekends, providing spaces for leisure and socializing.

The major challenge was to distribute storehouse in a reduced plot area shaped in a trapezoid form and open to the greenery as much as possible.

The house’s footprint comes from the idea of organizing the occupation of the land in two different volumes. The first volume disposes the spaces in a linear way representing the more intimate sector of the house. The second concentrates on the social sector, such as the meeting places. Intentionally, both volumes are articulated creating a square turned to the inside, which provides privacy to the owners.

The composition of the façades and the materials chosen reveals the inside spaces: the concrete corresponds to a more intimate area; the wooden slats allow permeability to the spaces enclosing the social area; the meeting areas are simply composed by open spaces framing the outside landscape as portraits.

Photography courtesy of ArqBr Arquitetura e Urbanismo

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- by Matt Watts

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