Casa Vista al Lago by Grupo Arquitectura

Casa Vista al Lago is a contemporary single family residence located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, designed in 2017 by Grupo Arquitectura.

Modern open-concept interior with wood ceiling, glass walls, and elegant staircase.
Modern living room with large sectional sofa and exposed wooden ceiling beams.
Modern living room with wooden ceiling, concrete walls, and large windows.
Modern corridor with glass floor and wood ceiling, surrounded by concrete walls.
Modern house with large glass windows, pool, and verdant garden.
Modern two-story house with glass walls surrounded by trees.
Contemporary house with expansive glass walls and evening lighting.

About Casa Vista al Lago

Welcome to “Casa Vista al Lago,” a paragon of contemporary architecture by Grupo Arquitectura, designed in 2017 and located in the scenic Valle de Bravo, Mexico. This modern masterpiece harmonizes with its surroundings, offering a tranquil retreat that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Sculptural Modernity Amidst Natural Splendor

As night falls, Casa Vista al Lago comes alive with an ethereal glow against the Valle de Bravo landscape. The sleek lines of the structure, illuminated by strategic lighting, create a captivating sight. The design’s clever use of transparent surfaces opens the house to panoramic views, crafting a delicate balance between privacy and openness.

Seamless Transition from Nature to Nurture

By day, the house’s expansive glass facade reflects the sky, almost disappearing into its backdrop. It reveals a layered composition of concrete, wood, and glass, framing the lush greenery and serene water features that invite nature inside. The outdoor living areas extend this invitation, with comfortable seating that encourages residents to breathe in the landscape’s tranquility.

Sophisticated Interiors That Breathe

Stepping inside, the grandeur of the open-plan living space unfolds. The kitchen boasts sleek lines and state-of-the-art appliances, flanked by a minimalist dining area that caters to both intimate family dinners and grand gatherings. The living room, a few steps down, is a symphony of comfort and style, with plush seating that echoes the calm of the lake beyond.

Ascending the glass staircase, one moves from public to private realms. The bedrooms serve as sanctuaries of peace, with floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring that each morning is greeted by the beauty of Valle de Bravo.

Casa Vista al Lago stands as a testament to Grupo Arquitectura’s vision—a home that not only embodies contemporary elegance but also fosters a profound connection with its natural surroundings. It is a house not just designed for living, but for experiencing the full breadth of what a home can offer when every detail is crafted with harmony in mind.

Photography by Agustín Garza

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- by Matt Watts