Cidade Jardim Residence by Perkins+Will

Situated in São Paulo, Brazil, Cidade Jardim Residence is a beautiful single-family house designed in 2018 by Perkins+Will.

Contemporary house with wooden shutters and stone base surrounded by greenery.
Contemporary house with large wooden sliding doors, cantilevered over a stone
Open-plan living with seamless indoor-outdoor transition and minimalist furniture.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden table, blue cabinets, and skylight.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, blue accents, and a central island.
Modern kitchen interior with open window view to garden.
Contemporary staircase with glass blocks and wooden steps.
Elegant open-air living space with pool and lush garden view.
Modern home interior with open living space overlooking a pool.
Modern house with cantilevered upper level over a pool and garden.
Modern home with a pool, garden, and wooden facade on the second level.
Contemporary house with open undercroft and wooden upper facade amidst greenery.

About Cidade Jardim Residence

Embracing Biophilia: The Cidade Jardim Residence

The concept of biophilia highlights the essential role of nature in enhancing well-being and life quality. In São Paulo, the Perkins+Will team crafted the Cidade Jardim Residence, a masterpiece that melds nature with architecture for an optimal balance.

Design Meets Nature

Perched on a 1200m² (approximately 12,917 sq ft) plot with significant slope, the residence employs techniques akin to those in country homes, ensuring tranquility amidst São Paulo’s bustling environment. The seamless integration of the house’s distinct volumes with its expansive garden stands as the cornerstone of this design philosophy.

At ground level, the first volume unites communal areas—living room, kitchen, barbecue zone, pool, and the garden. Above, the second volume shelters private spaces, including bedrooms and suites.

A Harmonious Facade

Facing east, the second level greets the morning sun, a key element for residents’ well-being. The facade, adorned with wood panels, offers flexibility; they can open to merge with nature or close for privacy. This adaptability was crucial in defining the project’s character.

Privacy also guided the layout of the ground floor. Access for cars and guests is discreetly situated in the basement, linking directly to the street. This design, elevating the ground floor nine feet above street level, buffers against noise, pollution, and the need for imposing security walls.

A Welcoming Entrance

Upon entering, visitors ascend a staircase to the main ground floor entrance, where they encounter the guest reception and another stairway to the private areas. This staircase, a design highlight, blends a metal structure with wooden steps against a concrete hollow brick wall, bathing the space in natural light.

Materials like wood, slatted concrete, plaster, and soapstone craft a warm, inviting atmosphere that retains a sophisticated aesthetic. Gil Fialho’s landscaping vision introduces lush, local vegetation, embodying the residence’s ethos: an urban home with the soul of the countryside.

Photography by Daniel Ducci

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- by Matt Watts