10 Hubert St by Oda New York

Designed by Oda New York, 10 Hubert St is a industrial loft apartment situated in TriBeCa, New York City.

Industrial-chic loft with exposed brick walls and wooden beams.
Modern hallway with large portrait artwork, floor-to-ceiling windows, and wooden beams
Urban patio with skyline view, floor-to-ceiling windows, and wooden beams.
Contemporary kitchen with dark cabinets and marble countertops.
Modern staircase with metal railing and wooden beams, featuring glass pendant lights.
Contemporary bedroom with exposed brick walls and large windows.
Elegant bathroom with black-framed glass shower and marble walls.
Modern bathroom with marble sink and pendant lights.
Modern shower with white subway tiles and glass door.

About 10 Hubert St

A Timeless Transformation in TriBeCa

Nestled on a cobblestone street in TriBeCa, an 1892 building, initially crafted by Julius Kastner for a liquor merchant and later owned by a pistachio baron, stands proudly. The conservation project at 10 Hubert Street aimed to restore the space to its original glory while infusing it with the local vibe. Moreover, the interior brick walls remained untouched, providing a glimpse into the past amid the otherwise worn structure.

Restoring Elegance

The facades on Hubert and Collister Street came back to life, showcasing foliate moldings, cornices, and arched windows. Designers chose a minimal color palette, enhancing the original features with modern upgrades. Additionally, a steel catwalk with glass floors now spans the walls of the double-height living area, creating a unique wrap-around library. Furthermore, the Romanesque Revival building saw its original fire escape replaced with steel fire shutters, echoing the authentic charm of the Collister Street facade. The restoration also included the original wooden ceiling beams, adding a touch of warmth and history.

A Hidden Gem

A new addition, a 1,000 square foot (approximately 93 square meters) rooftop penthouse, remains hidden from street view, preserving the historic neighborhood’s character. This modern touch features standing seam zinc, steel windows, wooden doors, and steel railings, blending seamlessly with the building’s aesthetic.

A Tribute to Urban Living

10 Hubert stands as a testament to thoughtful restoration and conservation, offering a modern twist to exterior urban living without disrupting the area’s historical essence. This project exemplifies how to honor the past while embracing the future, making it a perfect addition to the vibrant TriBeCa landscape.

Photography by Frank Oudeman

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- by Matt Watts