San Vicente Home by Rees Studio

San Vicente Home is a contemporary single-family house located in Santa Monica, California, designed in 2014 by Rees Studio.

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About San Vicente Home

Nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, the San Vicente Home stands as a testament to the contemporary design prowess of Rees Studio. Designed in 2014, this house blends seamlessly into the vibrant Californian landscape, reflecting the modern ethos of its surroundings.

Contemporary Living: Exterior Elegance

As one approaches the San Vicente Home, the bold, clean lines and expansive windows command attention. The thoughtful landscaping complements the structure’s minimalist aesthetic, creating an inviting ambiance. Rees Studio’s use of natural light and shadow interplays with the building’s geometry, capturing the essence of contemporary design.

Transitioning indoors, the living room greets with plush furnishings and artful decor. Each piece is carefully curated, balancing comfort with modern sophistication. The expansive windows draw the outside in, offering views that act as living paintings.

Heart of the Home: Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen’s sleek, functional design invites both culinary creativity and social gatherings. It opens effortlessly to the dining area, where the interplay of light and space continues. Here, meals become experiences, surrounded by the beauty of thoughtful design and the warmth of the home.

In the private sanctuaries of the bedrooms, tranquility reigns. The masterful arrangement of textures and colors fosters relaxation while maintaining the home’s contemporary theme. Even in repose, the design speaks volumes, offering a retreat that is both serene and stylish.

Refined Retreat: The Bathroom

Completing the interior journey, the bathroom is a marvel of marble and glass. It mirrors the home’s overall design language—sleek, clean, and undeniably modern. Here, one finds a space not just for refreshment but for rejuvenation, surrounded by Rees Studio’s unmistakable touch.

The San Vicente Home, with its perfect blend of form and function, stands as a crowning achievement in contemporary residential architecture. Rees Studio has not only designed a house but crafted a living experience that resonates with the vibrant beat of Santa Monica, California.

Photography courtesy of Rees Studio

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- by Matt Watts