Inspiring Apartment by Michael Habachy

Inspiring Apartment aka Midtown Loft is a beautiful home situated in Atlanta, Georgia, designed by Michael Habachy of Habachy Designs.

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About Inspiring Apartment

Elegant Urban Living: The Midtown Loft

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the Midtown Loft, a design masterpiece by Habachy Designs, stands as a beacon of modern urban living. Completed in 2018, this loft merges chic sophistication with the industrial charm inherent to Atlanta’s vibrant cityscape.

The Living Room: A Modern Sanctuary

The living room welcomes guests with its bold textures and monochromatic elegance. Here, the design employs a dark, textured ceiling and sleek furnishings to create a space that’s both contemporary and comfortable. The striking contrast between the plush leather couches and the soft, patterned textiles invites a sense of relaxation, while the carefully curated art pieces, including a captivating portrait, add depth and personality.

Moving fluidly from the living room, the dining area upholds the loft’s modern aesthetic with a touch of warmth. The expansive dining table, surrounded by sleek chairs, offers a communal space perfect for intimate gatherings. It’s a room that balances form and function, with natural light illuminating the meticulous details of the interior design.

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen and Second Living Room

In the kitchen, functionality meets style. Black tiles contrast against the pale wood cabinetry, while the gleaming white countertops and modern pendant lights echo the loft’s sleek vibe. Gold accents and open shelves add a dash of luxury and practicality to the culinary space.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the second living room exudes a cozy ambiance with its soft lighting and comfortable seating. It’s a testament to Habachy Designs’ ability to create spaces that feel both open and inviting, a place where one can unwind in the lap of luxury.

Private Quarters: Bedroom and Bathroom

The bedroom, a serene retreat, boasts a minimalist approach with a grand display of contrast and texture. A large bed anchors the room, flanked by warm wood tones and plush textiles, offering a haven of rest.

The bathroom showcases a bold use of dark tiles, complemented by gold fixtures and a unique mirror, reflecting a sense of sophistication. It’s a space that doesn’t just serve its function but does so with a flair that’s undeniably upscale.

An Outdoor Escape: Terrace and Roof

Finally, the terrace serves as an urban oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. With comfortable outdoor seating and lush greenery against a backdrop of Atlanta’s skyline, it’s a space that provides an escape without leaving the comfort of home.

The Midtown Loft by Habachy Designs is more than just a residence; it’s a testament to the elegance of modern design, a space that’s as welcoming as it is awe-inspiring, right in the heart of Atlanta.

Photography by Marc Mauldin

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- by Matt Watts