Ekopark Apartment by Soma Architekci

Situated in Warsaw, Poland, this 1,615 sq ft mid-century modern apartment was designed by Soma Architekci.

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Description by Soma Architekci

The project of this almost 150 square meter apartment is localized in the the residential area of Ekopark, Warsaw.
The clients, a young couple with a two year old daughter, reached out to the interior design studio, Soma Architecki, with a request that they re-design their apartment for their growing family. They were very clear on what they wanted and it didn’t take them long to give the architects the green light on the complete transformation of their apartment.
The living area was in deep need of a makeover as it turned out to be a very tight and poorly lit space. Whereas the kitchen was closed, too big and too far from the beautiful windows that definitely seemed to be the highlight of the flat.

Firstly, the designers moved the kitchen along with the living area up close to the panoramic windows. Now, whilst drinking their morning coffee or simply when preparing meals, the owners can not only take a minute to look out the windows at the beautiful view of the park outside, but at the same time still have full control of the kids playing in the living room.
The previous kitchen area was transformed into a walk-in closet containing a pantry and a spacious laundry room. This space also serves as a buffer allowing kitchen noises to be unheard from the child’s bedroom which is located next door.
The study with its large collection of books can also be closed from the living area thanks to the floor to ceiling sliding doors – this created a comfortable place of work, where the owners often meet as they often work form home.
In the evening area, the space was clearly separated creating a sort of retreat for the parents away from the children and guests thanks to a closed off master bedroom, walk in closet and an en suite bathroom.

One of the interior designers still smiles at the mention of the first visits to the owners previous apartment, where her eyes caught sight of the original geometric fabric on their daughters stroller. This lead to the discovery of the couples love of graphic patterns so typical of the 60’s. This along with their desire to posses high leg furniture became a clear style concept starting point for the designers.

The architects proposed a project inspired by the style of the 60’s. In effect an apartment full of colour, pattern, characteristic high leg furniture with wood veneer was born. None the less, the apartment is far from old-fashioned. It remains contemporary thanks to the fusion of old and new.
Minimalistic custom made MDF cabinets paired with icons of design such as Verner Pantone’s Flowerpot and Giancarlo Mattioli’s Nessino table lamps, George Nelson’s Sunflower clock and comtepoprary lighting such as Tom Dixon’s Etch Shade Copper lights above the dinning table or the minimalistic Frame light by Inarchi above the kitchen island.
A rather large collection of items such as books, CD’s, DVD’s and graphics also found their way into the new apartment. Even their favorite posters played a role in establishing the colour scheme for certain areas inside the apartment.

As a result, a truly distinctive, exceptional and unique interior was born, which the designers reminisce with a smile.

Photography courtesy of Soma Architekci

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- by Matt Watts