Casa Petro by Fernanda Padula Arquitetura

Designed in 2018 by Fernanda Padula Arquitetura, this concrete two-story house is situated in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.


The conceptual and programmatic simplicity of House Petro is linked with a structural simplicity: two reinforced concrete slabs supported by visible pillars walls.

The ground floor houses the collective program, with living room, office, bathroom, kitchen and services.

The living room, kitchen and office were designed as a suspended floor.

Raised 40 cm from the ground floor and supported by recessed beams that intensifies the delicacy in which the project was implemented on the plot.

Visually, the house seems to float.

Fully open to the gardens with large openings, the balcony extends and becomes a central space of interaction.

On the second floor is located the intimate area with two suites and the courtyard lookout.

The bedroom and bathroom of the master suite opens onto a slab (the balcony cover) with views of the treetops of the garden.

Bamboo establishes a dialogue with other raw materials such as concrete and is used as a solar filter for rooms.

During the day, bamboo panels filter natural light inside the house creating a texture of light and shade and at night, they turn the boxes into large lanterns that illuminate the plot.

Cross ventilation allows excellent thermal comfort.

The plot format allowed a longitudinal aspect of the house with spatial permeability between the two main external areas, such as a suspended pavilion in the garden.

Photography by Carolina Mossin

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- by Matt Watts

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