Promenade House by LOFT Arq

Located in Brazil, this modern two-story residence was designed by LOFT Arq.


The premise of the project was to create a residence that’s inviting, while also in touch with modern times. (Aqui eu tinha colocado só “a residence current and inviting”, mas parece que corta a frase no meio, achei melhor extender um pouco). In order to achieve that, we prioritized the integration of spaces, both amongst themselves and the external area (aqui talvez “and the outside?). An L shaped house embraces the garden, making it visible from every single ambience of the home and generating a pleasant environment that disconnects you from the urban setting.

The architecture reflects a clean style, with pure shapes, colors and neutral textures, while the interior proposes coziness with a touch of sophistication. We carefully planed so that the project follows peculiar lines, while maintaining a harmonious unity.

Photography by Julia Ribeiro

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- by Matt Watts