201 Palm Island Home by One D+B Miami

Situated in Miami, Florida, this contemporary two-story residence has been designed in 2018 by One D+B Miami.


The Clients requirement was a contemporary residence that represented their family’s personality, and the resulting design was a functional house of straight lines using Raw concrete, Stone, and glass.

The house blends with all the surrounding waterfront and internally frames the landscape, bringing the outside inside. There is a constant inter-play of contrasts: density and space, concrete and nature, light and shadow – this is powered by pure geometry in features like the many glass windows, and the concrete box which floats on the south facade, and contains the sleeping quarters.

Virtually all openings in the house – including the service area – are oriented to the north, taking full advantage of the water views and providing excellent insulation and ventilation.

Paradoxically, the design of the house was inspired by the restrictions and limitations imposed on its zoning and construction. It is intended to be an architectural object of great simplicity and lightness: balanced, precise and remarkably modern.

Photography by Devin Kay

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- by Matt Watts

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