Lom Haijai by Studionomad

Lom Haijai is a multi-unit townhouse designed in 2018 by Studionomad situated in Lat Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand.

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About Lom Haijai

Redefining City Living: Lom Hai Jai

Lom Hai Jai seeks to humanize urban architecture. It challenges occupants to step beyond the conventional boxed, air-conditioned structures that span 2-4 stories and consume vast city areas. These structures often suffer from insufficient natural light and ventilation.

Challenging Architectural Norms

More than a structure, this project showcases potential. It boldly counters the prevalent residential architectural style in the region. The mission? Craft a distinctive yet affordable design, ensuring optimal privacy for every family member. It aims to transform the city’s standard twin-house layout.

A Fresh Approach to Townhouse Design

Comprising five townhouse units, Lom Hai Jai features a U-shaped layout. Architects replaced the subtracted mass with a courtyard, seamlessly connecting the home’s spaces. Strategically placed, the courtyard gives the building multiple “fronts”, diverging dramatically from typical townhouses. The architectural façade’s upper part serves as a balcony divider, ensuring outdoor connection.

Emphasizing Privacy and Nature

Double-layered façades maintain privacy. Outer battens let occupants enjoy exterior views and fresh air from the house’s varied openings. Each unit harmoniously aligns with its unique tree – a distinctive signature.

The Heart of the Home: The Inner Courtyard

Centrally positioned, the inner courtyard visually ties all functions together. This U-shaped design capitalizes on the courtyard, allocating individual spaces for bedrooms while maintaining shared area visibility. Rooms have multiple openings for optimal airflow. The second-floor garden balcony envelops the living room in nature. Consequently, every home space basks in natural light, eradicating the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Photography by Supee Juntranggur / Choat Ausswasuteerakul

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- by Matt Watts