Parque Apartment by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos

Located in Curitiba, Brazil, this inspiring contemporary apartment has been designed in 2019 by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos.


This apartment have everything you can ask for in the middle of the city: lots of sunlight, an incredible view to the greenery of Barigui Park – the biggest park of Curitiba – in one side, and a lovely urban view to one of the main avenues of the city in the other. A completely blank duplex plan, in the 24th floor, just waiting for the new inhabitants.

The clients, two young newlyweds, had just returned returned from their honeymoon when the building were delivered, their dream was about to come true. They were aspiring to a contemporary apartment that could perfect host all daily business of the contemporary urban life, yet with a touch of art and design. He is a multi-entrepreneur focused on innovative projects for the city, and she is a leather parts designer, who also owns one of the major tanneries in Brazil.

The approach was to create a layout that streamlines and orchestrates the uses, designed with a small palette of materials: freijó wood, the scale of ashes and the hides. From these, it were defined the applied finishes, secondary elements, and derivations that dictates the rhythm of the design. Thus, escaping from the excesses and creating a sophisticated harmony between the outside frames and the internal spaces.

Photography by Eduardo Macarios

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- by Matt Watts

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