Huckletree by Sella Concept

The new Westminster workspace PUBLIC Hall is set to open its doors – to reveal a striking Huckletree heritage-meets-modern interior conceived and created by London design studio Sella Concept (aka Sella).

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About Huckletree

An Iconic Transformation: One Horse Guards Avenue

Nestled among London’s architectural wonders, One Horse Guards Avenue stands tall. Constructed in 1884 in French Renaissance style, this structure towers at 100ft (approximately 30.48 meters) and extends 600ft (approximately 182.88 meters) beside the famous Embankment Gardens. Initially apartments, it housed MI6 during World War I. Today, it becomes the hub for PUBLIC Hall – Westminster’s exclusive co-working space for GovTech innovators.

A Space Born from Collaboration

The venture firm PUBLIC and workspace accelerator Huckletree envision an open-plan workspace. Their mission? To cultivate a thriving ecosystem of startups, investors, and innovators and bridge connections with Westminster policymakers.

Designing for Disruption

For groundbreaking thoughts to flourish, the ambiance must spark creativity and collaboration. After their 2018 success with East London’s De Beauvoir Block, Huckletree engaged design gurus Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan. Their task? Transforming a Grade II-listed space into a stimulating arena for innovation.

The designers had a canvas of 250 members. Besides an open layout, they envisioned communal zones, meeting areas, a custom library, and a bar.

Balancing Heritage and Modernity

Drawing inspiration from the building’s rich detailing, the designers also respected its historical boundaries. Without altering structures, they leaned on furniture, fixtures, and décor to harmonize aesthetics and function. Merging the French Renaissance with contemporary work culture, they crafted a blend of old-world charm and present-day vibrancy.

Embracing Natural Elements

A standout feature? The bar and event area with an integrated tree, blending interior and exterior, connecting seamlessly with the Thames-view terrace. Soft hues, organic shapes, and abundant greenery highlight nature’s essence, contrasting the original ceiling’s grandeur.

A Seamless Continuation

The basement, One Horse Guards Avenue’s sole non-original segment, posed a challenge. Sella’s goal? Ensuring continuity with the classic spaces above. Arch designs link this floor to the building’s essence. With minimal natural light, sisal wall panels and Arte wallpapers bring brightness and texture.

About PUBLIC Hall

PUBLIC Hall, by Huckletree, pioneers in offering a GovTech-centric workspace. Partnering with the acclaimed GovTech venture firm PUBLIC, it sits at the UK’s policymaking core.

About Huckletree

Huckletree, established in 2014 by Gabriela Hersham and Andrew Lynch, champions innovative co-working spaces. With locations in London, Dublin, and Manchester, PUBLIC Hall marks their recent growth, with more unveilings slated for 2019 and 2020.
Photography by Genevieve Lutkin

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- by Matt Watts