CMR House by Estudio MMX

This inspiring concrete residence located in Mexico City, Mexico, has been designed in 2017 by Mexico City.


The plot features the extraordinary garden of an old house, the project explores a defragmentation of the programme by placing it along the strength of the immediate natural environment. The total volume demanded by programme requirements was disturbed, fragmented and then distributed alongside the garden. The volumes are connected through transitional spaces that frame views of the garden, encouraging the user to make pauses while moving through the house. A subtle and constant link between exterior and interior spaces, blurs the perception of spatial borders.

While the public spaces of the programme have direct relationship with the gardens, a sequence of spaces and level changes builds up varying degrees of intimacy. When it reaches the rooms above ground level, the inhabitants are able to contemplate the garden from another perspective while obtaining intimacy.

The selected materials, simple and of neutral colors, respond to the will for recognizing the garden as the main actor of the site. Willingly, the house makes itself present through contrast and well-defined geometries. However, the light, shadows and colors, are still those from the extraordinary landscape.

Photography courtesy of Estudio MMX

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- by Matt Watts

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