Greentown Show Flat by Qiran Design Group

The project is a show flat of an upscale residential development named Greentown • Magnificent Residence in Hangzhou, China. Drawing on the fascinating scenery and profound culture of the city and adjoining a 300,000 square-meter urban complex, the development boasts a prosperous surrounding environment and a serene interior atmosphere.

Greentown Show Flat by Qiran Design Group - 1
Greentown Show Flat by Qiran Design Group - 2
Greentown Show Flat by Qiran Design Group - 3
Greentown Show Flat by Qiran Design Group - 4
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About Greentown Show Flat

Creating a Serene Living Space by Qiran Design Group

Qiran Design Group was entrusted to design the show flat, skillfully employing a natural design approach. By blending simple, elegant tones with exquisite decorations, the team crafted a serene and peaceful living space.

Innovative Interior Decoration with Bezel-less Elements

The interior decoration integrates bezel-less elements from the building facade. The design team meticulously and reasonably depicted every line and plane within the space, creating staggering heights and intersecting points. They incorporated materials of contrasting textures and colors to enrich visual effects and enhance the sense of layering in the space.

Central Living & Dining Area for Family Interaction

Positioned at the center of the space, the living and dining area encourages family interaction. The designers incorporated grille-like partitions to separate functional areas while maintaining openness and transparency. A flexible layout and comfortable scale foster interaction among family members and create suitable living scenes for daily activities.

Art and Greenery Enhance Aesthetics and Vitality

The designers interspersed the space with artwork and greenery, infusing aesthetics and vitality into the area. This thoughtful touch fosters a dialogue between dwellers and the space, ultimately enhancing the living experience.

Customized Functional Areas with Oriental-style Poetry

Functional areas, arranged around the center of the space, are tailored with distinct colors and decorations to cater to specific users. The overall design exudes an elegant and restrained Oriental-style poetry. Meticulously refined details reflect an attitude towards life.

Relaxing Spaces for Rejuvenation

The study room, perfect for meditation, the soothing bedroom, and the dining room designed for culinary enjoyment, all provide dwellers with a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing them to listen to their inner voice and relax their minds.

Outdoor Terrace for Seasonal Enjoyment

The outdoor terrace enhances the living environment by creating a free and romantic ambiance. Here, dwellers can experience the changing seasons and enjoy leisure time.

Embracing the Essence of Life with Warm, Simple Elegance

In summary, the design embraces the essence of life, focusing on residents’ inner needs and fulfilling their life expectations. Warm, simplistic yet exquisite scenes evoke emotions, enliven the space, and ultimately create an intimate home.

Photography by Ye Song

- by Matt Watts