Itatiba House by 24 7 Arquitetura

Itatiba House is a two-story brick house located in Itatiba, Brazil, designed in 2021 by 24 7 Arquitetura.

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Standing out on top of a hill, the Itatiba House was designed in such a way as to make the most of the existing topography, keeping the building at a high level in order to enjoy the view of the surroundings. The implantation of the house happens in an oblique way in relation to the street, making it skewed on the lot. In addition to guaranteeing the most beautiful views for most of the rooms, we managed to ensure that the project would guarantee a greater distance from the future neighbor with the most important view, and that the openings of most of the rooms of the house would be oriented to the North-South face, optimizing the insolation in the winter and at the same time being more protected from the peak sun in the summer. In order to overcome the slope of more than 7 meters to the bottom of the lot and the difference of 4 meters from one side to the other from the front of the lot, it was decided to create a ramp on the lower side in order to transfer to the car the effort of the ascent, until reaching the garage that is in the back of the house.

The social access happens naturally through a path of stone chips in the middle of the front garden. A brick staircase with grass treads bridges the unevenness between the pool and the veranda and barbecue area, where guests arrive. On the “ground” level are the social and utility areas, plus the garage, office, and master suite, all surrounded by grass and garden areas. Upstairs, 3 compact suites complete the program of needs. It is possible to walk around the penthouse on the first floor, which occupies a larger area than the first floor, from where you can see the geography of the condominium and its mountains and valleys. The house has two well-defined readings: One highlighting the volume of the pool protruding in relation to the natural profile of the terrain and the rectangular volume of the balcony, demarcated by the red metallic structure and articulated brises of perforated plate. Another side, highlighted by the configuration of disconnected brick “boxes” and in different planes with windows highlighted by steel plate flaps that create a kind of sunshade for the higher radiation of the sun in summer.

The rationality of the building system is present in the use of the metallic structure and in the modulation of the ecological brick made through construction material residues, used in an apparent way as the house’s fence. Prefabricated concrete panel slabs used without internal lining and the internal and external floors made of São Tomé stone, confer the desired constructive coherence to the project, besides reducing the construction costs. The project has ample natural lighting and ventilation, providing an adequate level of comfort and reducing energy consumption. The red colored brises, together with the metallic structure and the frames, provide an interesting contrast to the opaque color of the brick.

Photography by Adriano Pacelli

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- by Matt Watts