TA House by M+TRO .studio

TA House is a concrete residence located in Huế, Vietnam, designed in 2021 by M+TRO .studio.

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TA house is located on a currently renovated land, which is opposite to the new residential planning area in Hue, Viet Nam. Based on the current status of the land, the owner has the design views and needs to build a house filled with light, plants and wind. With this requirement, we have green areas arranged around the house so that the living spaces inside can connect directly to the nature outside. The meeting points among spaces are also the green areas of the house.

The arrangement of the common space interconnected, separated from the nature by large sliding glass doors creates a large space that brings a sense of comfort, freedom and closeness to the nature.

The bedrooms are designed to locate at the end of the land area and face the green areas. They are separated from the outside by sliding glass doors and fabric curtains which can be opened for enjoying natural atmosphere and closed for privacy purposes.

The green tree system in the house combined with the concrete roof with great reach and the wooden system helps protect the house from the adverse impact of nature. The house is structured with a flat floor system without beams creates a feeling of lightness and elegance for the work.

Photography by Hoang Le

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- by Matt Watts