How to Decorate a Lush Candlelit Dinner for Your Loved One

Every Hollywood rom-com movie is complete with a candlelit dinner, as it is the definition of love and compassion. Even Spiderman did it to profess his love for MJ.

Leaving the movie aside, a candlelit dinner is a symbol of love and affection one shows toward their partner or loved ones. Therefore, you will see, for every special occasion, couples go for candlelit dinners.

You can either go to a restaurant and ask them to arrange a special time for you with brilliant food, flowers, and wine, or you can do the same in your home. Well, today, you can do all these things at home that you get at a luxury hotel or restaurant.

All you need to know is how, which is why I am here to assist you. I will offer you some tips and tricks to ensure that you give your partner one of the best times and let them flow with the breeze of compassion and love.

Tips And Trick To Decorate A Candlelit Dinner

As discussed earlier in the previous part, you can easily arrange a candlelit dinner at your home, and it won’t take long to sort the tables and bring your partner together to have a good time.

Well, one of the key criteria for having a candlelit is having the best time with your other half to ensure that the reminiscence of the day stays with you for a long time.

Here is what you should do. I will suggest some ideas which you can use to have a brilliant time with one another. Here are a few ideas –

In The Garden

One of the best places to have a candlelit dinner is amongst the flowers and beautiful plants, as they are considered the purest and holiest among everything in the world.

Therefore, if you have a garden, then there’s no need to worry.

All you need to do is arrange your garden with small solar lights, which will give an aesthetic vibe. This will help you to set the mood for the beautiful evening.

You can even decorate the whole setting with different flowers, as their essence will increase the value of the evening.

Other than that, you need to set a table and place the food you cooked. Add some liquor, such as wine or champagne, as they go best with a romantic setting.

Lastly, you must look for some flowers and a scented candle to light your way to romance, love, and compassion.

If you are having rocky times with your partner, a candlelit dinner in the garden will actually serve your relationship for good and ignite a sense of passion and compassion among each other.

In A Tent

This is for the people who love camping and trekking. Frequently, adventure-seeking souls take to the deepest corners of the earth, where it’s you, your partner, and mother nature.

Therefore, to get an essence of tranquillity under your skin, you can arrange a candlelit dinner in the tent.

It’s coming straight from my personal bucket list. Hence, you should arrange the tent with cushions and small solar lights and find wildflowers to decorate the whole place.

Then, add some good music; Phil Collins will do great. Afterwards, it would be best if you found a candle to ignite the sense of passion and some good food and wine. You can barbecue and have it together with red wine.

And maybe you can add some Netflix (who knows Netflix and chill later) to the mix and have a brilliant time with movies, food, wine, and your partner—just a match made in heaven. I am even having butterflies in my stomach thinking about it.

Note: Remember to serve hot cocoa and marshmallows to keep things flirty and warm.

Also, if you are still looking for a tent, then contact Airbnb for the best tent setting for your partner and a memorable time. And if you are looking for someone to deliver you flowers on quick notice, then you visit the website of My Global Flowers. They are known for sending flower next day delivery.

In The Beach

Just like the beach wedding, candlelit dinners on the beach are slowly. They are gaining gravitas among netizens. It is a great and innovative alternative rather than spending heavily in restaurants.

This is a great way to set up a candlelit dinner with your partner, as you will have the sea, beach, and the essence of warm sand. Thus, you can set up a small table after choosing a nice spot on the beach.

Try to choose a serene spot where there will be less human intrusion and cover the area with sticks, through which you can set up the area’s lighting. And then try to put some food on the table; you can choose seafood, try to fixate on Mackerel and Salmon, or maybe lobsters.

They are best suited for dinners; in drinks, you can opt for beer and wine to celebrate the love. You can also include some music systems and play some light music. Let the tides of the majestic sea witness your compassion and care for each other.

In The Park

This is something that is very unique and gaining popularity among couples, as difference and uniqueness are part of life. Hence, a date in the park is awesome if you can find the right spot.

Maybe under Maple trees in August summer or under the Cherry trees in December evening. Parks are an excellent choice for young couples, especially those who are in college and university and planning to have a great night.

Some of them might get inspired by Before Sunrise, where your protagonist will fall deeply in love with each other. Therefore, if you are in New York, you can try it in Central Park, where ample space creates a romantic setting.

All you need to do is gather candles, a table, and some good food and drinks. And then have a nice dinner. Remember to make her laugh a lot. Women do love funny guys.

So, plan your date for a great dinner with candles, trees, and beautiful lights.

On A Boat

Candlelit dinner on a boat is a brilliant idea if you are looking to have a sharp date night with your loved one. Here you have to keep the candle idle and keep the fire away. You may never know. You will end up creating a sequel to Final Destination.

Hence, it’s better to keep the candles to create an essence of the date and then try to use the cozy space of the boat to adjust food and drinks. Ensure that you don’t add too many things. Otherwise, you may trip into the river or lake.

After you sort everything out, then all you need to do is let the boat drop its skiff and start the ride so that you can enjoy the gentle breeze and cozy dinner. It’s pretty romantic if you know how to arrange the whole setting with flowers and lights.

For that, you can tell the boatman to arrange the whole setting and make it an event full night for you.

Movie Night In

This is my personal favorite. Though this might fall under the Netflix and Chill part, there is something movie night in, as you can arrange the whole room with different candles. It will create a dim essence of brightness, which can act as an essential mood setter for your romance.

You order or cook some food and put it on the living room table, where the moonlight and the candlelight give a warm assertion of compassion and love as shown in Hollywood movies. Thus, if you are thinking of a movie night as your candlelit dinner theme, then I suggest you make the right choice.

You can choose anything from the classics to modern masterclasses for the movie. But I prefer the 90s Romcom, as they have the perfect blend of overwhelming feeling, humor, and hopeless romantic ambiance.

Those are things that might bloom the seeds of love in both of you again. Love isn’t just about “Love in the time of Cholera,” but it can be “You’ve got a mail.” 

Hence, have a great time ahead.

On A Pier

Imagine this. You are in Switzerland or in Norway, where you will see lots of sea coasts, with seagulls and boats looming around. You can actually use the area as a candlelit dinner setting.

It’s not funny, and the evening dusk brings a beautiful warm feel after the sun sets downing, which you can use to your advantage and bring over a table and chair and enjoy the view.

Elaborately, what you have to do this, is find a quiet spot free from the hassle of the world, and it can be just you and your partner. Hence, bring forth arrange a table, chairs, table cloth, candles, food, and drinks.

And then, let the setting do the magic.

You can set the mood with a lantern or maybe find some good candles of different colors and coordinate them accordingly to set the tone of the dinner. Even, you can use some classical music to ignite some passion and sexual tension between each others.

On The Balcony

Inspired by the playbook of our fellow Europeans, especially the French, and Italians, Candlelit dinner on the balcony is a good choice if you are on a budget and want to have a good time with your partner.

Hence, if you don’t have to do much, probably one of the cost-effective ways of impressing your partner. All you have to do is arrange a table, cook some pasta or lasagna, and then arrange some red wine, and then it’s you, open sky, and your better half.

Try to arrange the date on the full moon night, as not only the moon but the stars will swell on your table and shoulders. Thus, a perfect scribble from the nights in Vienna and enjoy a beautiful candlelit dinner away from the hassle of American Daydream.

For the arrangements, you can use mixed candles with potted plants to create a passionate essence of the area. Moreover, if the weather gets cold, then do serve some warm drinks to keep the tension between the two and keep the things steamy.


This is something even more unique, if you are looking for some bohemian romance and skip a day from the luxury restaurants and cafes for dinner. Picnics are a great way of having a great date night with your partner.

All you have to get a bedsheet, choose a suitable place, where you have to find some bedsheets and some great food along with some wine and candles. This is one of the classic choices where people, even from the past, have chosen picnics as a great way of rekindling love and adventure.

Further, it would help if you looked to bring some flowers with you, bouquets will be fine with different kinds of flowers, and also you have to get some candles and place jewel net contain, which will create a warm feeling.

Also, the open sky, moon, and stars are brilliant ideas for a romantic date with your partner. Consequently, bring some drinks like wine and champagne, which are a must-have for a candlelit dinner.

Lastly, try to add some music and play your favorite playlist to create a night of passion and some great love making.

Candlelit Dinner Is A Sign Of Passion

In the end, it is all about having a great time with your partner amidst of chaos of neon lights and heavy traffic. Candlelit dinners are a great way to restore love if your relationship is on edge, as they will help you ignite the same passion you had when you met each other.

Also, for young couples, it is a great way to kickstart their relationship and let their seeds of love bloom with the essence of candles, food, music, flowers, and honey. 

- by Matt Watts