White House: A Sleek Bangkok Retreat

Explore White House, a modern gem in Bangkok, designed by ACA Architects in 2022. This home, whimsically named by a child, features a timeless, style-agnostic design. Its sleek concrete structure, complemented by large, north-facing glass doors, merges indoor comfort with outdoor serenity. The house, encircled by lush greenery, boasts a shaded terrace and pool as its centerpiece.

The White House stands as a tranquil canvas for family life and joyful gatherings.

Modern white house with large windows and a swimming pool.
Modern house with a pool and clear skies.
Modern living room with minimalist design, floating staircase, and neutral colors.
Modern living room with large windows overlooking a pool.
Modern minimalist dining area with ring-shaped lights and glass walls.
Modern kitchen with bar stools and pendant lights, wood accent, large windows, and
Modern kitchen interior with dark wood cabinets and island.
Minimalist white hallway with large window and two dogs.
Modern house with geometric design, large windows, and a pool.
Modern house with large windows, pool, and landscaped garden.
Modern white house with large windows overlooking a pool.
Modern house exterior with clean lines, carport, and balanced geometry.
Modern two-story house with large windows and a pool at dusk.

About White House

A Childhood Inspiration: The White House

The “White House,” named by the owner’s 4-year-old son, has become a beloved playtime destination among his friends. They eagerly exclaim, “I want to go to the White House!” particularly on weekends, bringing life to this unique home.

Timeless Design Meets Modern Living

At the heart of the White House’s design lies a commitment to simplicity and peace. The architects at ACA aimed to craft a home not confined to any single style. Consequently, they envisioned a white sanctuary, seamlessly merging indoor comfort with the natural beauty of lush greenery.

Innovative Architecture for Comfort and Style

The White House boasts a sleek, light-looking concrete structure. Large glass doors on the north side, the least sunlit area, open up to the garden and terrace. This design promotes continuous airflow and natural cooling, eliminating the need for air conditioning during daylight hours.

Furthermore, the house smartly utilizes its shaded areas. The western sun influences the placement of a terrace and swimming pool beneath the building’s shade. This design choice allows full enjoyment of these spaces without excessive shading structures, maintaining the design’s airy feel.

Finally, the White House stands out not for boldness but for its ability to be a living canvas. Family activities and lifestyle choices bring this space to vibrant life, showcasing its true essence.

Photography courtesy of ACA Architects

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- by Matt Watts