Apartment GN: A Modern Home Transformation in Turin by BRH+

Apartment GN, redesigned by BRH+ in 2022, stands as a pinnacle of modern apartment living in the heart of Turin, Italy. This residential space merges two attic units into one functional and aesthetically stimulating home. It features bespoke furnishings, innovative sliding partitions for enhanced privacy, and a meticulous design that emphasizes environmental comfort. With unique elements like Carrara marble countertops and playful wallpapers, this project redefines luxury living.

Stylish kitchen with navy cabinets and marble backsplash.
Modern attic kitchen with sleek black cabinets and marble backsplash.
Modern interior with blue walls, beige floor, and minimalist decor.
Modern hallway with sliding doors and a small children's bed nook under a slo
Minimalistic attic room with slanted ceilings and built-in closets.
Minimalist attic bedroom with slanted ceiling and built-in storage.
Modern bedroom with built-in wardrobes and a peek into the adjoining room.
Chic bathroom with bird-patterned wallpaper and elegant brass fixtures.
Minimalist bathroom with white tiles, sleek tub, and beige accents.
Stylish bathroom with patterned wall, vessel sink, and glass shower door

About Apartment GN

Transforming Attic Spaces into a Luxurious Haven

The transformation journey of Apartment GN by BRH+ in 2022, situated in the bustling Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont, Italy, is a testament to architectural ingenuity and interior design finesse. By merging two attic spaces, the apartment has been reborn into a sanctuary of maximum functionality and unmatched environmental comfort. This renovation highlights how space can be optimized without compromising on style or comfort.

Custom Designed Furnishings for Ultimate Flexibility

Every inch of Apartment GN has been carefully considered to ensure not only the efficient use of space but also to foster an environment that feels open yet private when needed. The inclusion of custom-designed furnishings that effortlessly “open” or “close” rooms through sliding partitions exemplifies a thoughtful approach to modern living. This, coupled with the strategic use of materials like white Carrara marble and ultramarine blue-stained ash wood, infuses the apartment with a unique character and warmth.

An Ambiance Crafted for Comfort and Style

The apartment intelligently embraces linear geometries to craft spaces that are both surprising and balanced. Chromatic stimulation is achieved through careful selection and application of colors, materials, and textures—resulting in interiors that stand out for their climatic, luminous, and acoustic comfort. Noteworthy is the playful Birds N Bees wallpaper in the master bathroom and the innovative lighting solutions, like the L02 aluminium suspension lamp, that enhance the natural light within the space.

A Sustainable Approach to Modern Living

BRH+’s commitment to environmental comfort extends beyond aesthetic considerations. The comprehensive overhaul of the apartment’s insulation and plant equipment underscores a sustainable approach to modern living. Temperature and air quality control are meticulously managed to ensure that Apartment GN not only looks stunning but also promotes a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

In designing Apartment GN, BRH+ has not just created a place to live but a space that inspires. This project stands as a beacon of modern architectural and interior design, showcasing what is possible when functionality, style, and sustainability converge.

Photography courtesy of BRH+
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- by Matt Watts