Casa Akai: Unveiling Luxury Beachfront Living in Punta Mita

Discover the allure of Casa Akai, a beach house masterpiece designed by Joaquin Homs, nestled in Punta de Mita, Mexico. This 2023 creation within the prestigious La Punta Estates blends architectural grace with innovative design, providing breathtaking ocean views and luxury across 1800 square meters. Casa Akai represents the pinnacle of oceanfront living, featuring unique spaces like game rooms and home theatres, and striking views from every angle.

Luxurious seaside infinity pool with thatched pavilion and lounge chairs.
Modern bedroom with ocean view, minimalist decor, and large windows.
Modern terrace with hammock, chairs, and ocean view.
Contemporary living room with neutral tones and minimalist design.
Modern bedroom with a black and white rug, wooden shelving, and neutral tones
Modern living room interior with ocean view, striped rug, and built-in bookshelf
Contemporary bedroom with ocean view and geometric rug.
Contemporary bedroom with sea view, neutral tones, and minimalist decor.
Bright seaside bedroom with minimalistic design and ocean view.
Contemporary bedroom with neutral tones and textured accents.
Contemporary bedroom with a black bed frame, beige walls, and elegant decor.
Minimalist bedroom with monochrome decor and patterned rug.
Contemporary bedroom with geometric rug and artistic wall feature.
Oceanfront terrace with modern outdoor furniture and umbrella
Ocean view terrace with outdoor furniture and umbrella.

About Casa Akai

Discover Casa Akai: A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Luxury

Designed by the acclaimed Joaquin Homs, Casa Akai emerges as a modern-day sanctuary situated in the heart of Punta de Mita, Mexico. This luxurious beach house, sprawled across 1800 square meters (19,375 square feet), marries the untouched beauty of its oceanfront locale with unparalleled architectural ingenuity. Positioned at the esteemed La Punta Estates, the property enjoys a sweeping 180 feet of direct ocean frontage, offering residents unobstructed views of the Marietas Islands along with mesmerizing sunrise and sunset panoramas.

At its core, Casa Akai is a testament to thoughtful architectural evolution, incorporating the original designs of Jose Iturbe while embracing the innovative contributions of Guillermo Michel. The property’s recent expansion introduced three specialized basements—dedicated to entertainment and leisure—enriching the villa’s already vast array of amenities. Each of the eight bedrooms has been revitalized to enhance their unique ambiance, with the waterfront rooms benefitting from a sophisticated pool extension.

Entering Casa Akai, visitors are welcomed by an enchanting courtyard, where the rustle of palm leaves and the gentle murmur of water features set a tranquil mood. The estate’s ample interiors boast a fully-equipped gym, a spa, and a dazzling rooftop patio lounge—each space crafted to foster moments of relaxation and connection under the stars.

The main living area stands out with its open-concept design, anchored by a striking double-height custom palapa ceiling. This architectural feature not only heightens the space visually but also serves to blur the lines between the interior and the lush outdoor environment. Here, residents are drawn to the infinity-edge pool, thoughtfully positioned for enjoying the Pacific’s awe-inspiring sunsets.

Joaquin Homs’ signature interior design philosophy resonates throughout Casa Akai, celebrating the tropical surroundings through meticulous space planning and material selection. Each room within the estate narrates its unique story, weaving together a tapestry of serene colors, textures, and natural materials that echo the villa’s coastal setting.

Today, Casa Akai stands not merely as a property but as a beacon of tranquility, beauty, and luxury, capturing the essence of coastal living while offering a lifestyle that is both elevated and intimately connected to nature.

A Statement of Exclusivity and Elegance

In embodying the luxurious spirit of La Punta Estates, Casa Akai redefines the parameters of premium beachfront living. Every element, from the panoramic ocean views to the meticulously appointed spaces, is a tribute to Joaquin Homs’ vision. This estate provides an incomparable living experience, setting a new benchmark for luxury, privacy, and harmony with nature. Casa Akai is more than a home—it’s a masterpiece, a retreat, and a dream realized in the heart of Punta de Mita.

Photography by Petr Myska
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- by Matt Watts