House L: Luxury Meets Nature in This Stunning Austrian Home

House L, designed by Superunique Interior Design in Austria in 2022, showcases a luxurious, open-concept house that blurs the lines between interior and exterior. This modern home features a unique blend of high-quality materials, bespoke furniture, and innovative design elements that create an atmosphere of comfort and style, all while offering intimate retreats within its spacious layout.

Contemporary living space with sleek furniture and oversized pendant lights.
Sleek kitchen with minimalist cabinetry and a central island.
Sleek kitchen with wooden cabinets and a window view of greenery.
Modern hallway with wooden stairs, concrete walls, and a view of trees through a
Minimalist bathroom with stone sink and pendant lights.
Modern bathroom interior with marble countertop and sleek cabinets.
Minimalist courtyard with concrete walls, wooden decking, and greenery, viewed through
Modern home terrace with large windows and countryside view.
A child running on a spacious patio by a modern house with a pool and green
Swimming pool edge with clear water and part of wooden deck.
Modern outdoor patio with wooden decking, garden, and seating cushions.

About House L

Discovering the Essence of House L

In Austria, Superunique Interior Design reimagined residential luxury with House L in 2022. They embraced the client’s vision, translating it into a spacious concept that excels in both openness and private retreats. The design leverages the natural surroundings, integrating them into the living experience through strategic openings.

A Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The ground floor reveals an awe-inspiring living area connected to a central atrium. The use of floor-to-ceiling glass and monolithic elements seamlessly merges the interior with the lush outdoors. This harmonization is further enhanced by the choice of materials. High-quality wood surfaces and fine textiles in subtle colors enrich the interiors, creating a serene ambiance.

Crafting Unique Interiors with Bespoke Elements

Superunique’s penchant for exclusive materials and custom designs shines throughout House L. The focal point in the bathroom is a “floating” stone washbasin, complemented by burnished steel accents. The kitchen boasts warm-rolled stainless steel and a captivating natural stone island. Each room is a testament to the design team’s ability to blend robust materials in a harmonious dance, from the television room’s monolithic box to bespoke carpentry.

The Wow-Effect of Material and Space Interplay

The interplay of diverse materials against the property’s deliberately structured spaces creates a surprising wow-effect. This design narrative, emphasized by monolithic blocks and thoughtful details, ensures a consistent theme throughout the residence. House L stands as a monument to Superunique Interior Design’s philosophy: creating generously structured spaces that offer both atmosphere and intimacy, proving that sophisticated design can indeed offer comfort and elegance in equal measure.

Photography by ARMIN WALCHER / superunique
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- by Matt Watts