House WI: Ascona’s Modern Home with Historic Echoes

Discover House WI in Ascona, Switzerland, a 2022 architectural marvel by Wespi de Meuron Romeo that redefines living with nature. This exquisite house integrates with its rocky surroundings through organic stone walls, reflective glass facades, and seamless indoor-outdoor spaces, offering a tranquil and elegant habitat.

Stone-clad house with infinity pool overlooking a lake.
Outdoor dining area with stone walls, white table, and sea view.
Contemporary open-plan kitchen with ocean view, wooden table, and stone walls.
Modern living room with stone walls, a fireplace, and mountain views.
Modern bedroom with stone walls, glass corner, and sea view.
Minimalist bathroom with concrete finish and stone wall accents.
Stone building with open archway overlooking a lake.
Lakeside terrace with modern seating and stone walls, overlooking a mountainous landscape
Modern stone building with large windows and a chimney.
Modern terrace with stone walls, white couches, and lake view at dusk.
Stone buildings on a hillside with greenery around.

About House WI in Ascona

Immersive Architecture: House WI in Ascona

Envelope yourself in House WI, a testament to meticulous design by the renowned Wespi de Meuron Romeo architectural firm. Nestled in Ascona’s rocky embrace, this 2022 Swiss masterpiece leverages its challenging terrain to stunning effect. Each stone is a chord in the symphony of natural beauty and architectural prowess, harmonizing the existing with the new.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Approaching the house, a tranquil swimming pool echoes the azure of Lake Maggiore, framed by time-honored stone walls. The outdoor loggia provides a shaded alcove, where locality inspires dining with a view. Stepping through the glass façade, nature’s canvas flows inside, offering repose and reflection.

Transition indoors where the kitchen serves as the heart of the home, a space where family moments simmer alongside culinary creations. The glass walls invite sunbeams to dance on wooden surfaces, crafting a culinary theater touched by the serene outdoors.

The living room whispers a narrative of comfort, with a fireplace embedded in stone, commanding yet cozy. Here, relaxation is inevitable as one basks in panoramic vistas or revels in architectural detail.

As night beckons, the master bedroom’s minimalism magnifies the significance of its setting. Glass and stone conspire to suspend you between home and horizon, where dreams are cradled by tranquility.

Escaping to Elemental Elegance

In the bathroom, functionality meets finesse. A sleek, glass shower reflects precision, adjacent to stone and wood that exude organic warmth, illustrating the marriage of modernity and tradition.

Finally, ascend to the roof, a sanctuary poised above, a space to contemplate or entertain, under Ascona’s spell. From dawn to twilight, House WI redefines living, insisting that nature is not just seen but felt, in a home that breathes with its environment.

Photography by Hannes Henz
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- by Matt Watts