Moura Apartment: A Modernist Haven in São Paulo’s Heart

Explore the Moura Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by GurgelD’alfonso in 2023. This apartment transforms a 1950s modernist space into a serene retreat amidst the bustling Pinheiros neighborhood. Focusing on clean lines, selected vintage furniture, and a unique blend of materials, it epitomizes elevated living.

Industrial-style loft with exposed beams and minimalist decor.
Industrial chic loft with exposed wooden beams and velvety chairs.
Contemporary space with exposed wooden beams, glass partitions, and unique chairs.
Minimalist room with abstract wall art, wooden beams, and modern furniture.
Modern dining room with round table, four chairs, candles, and artwork on wall
Minimalist kitchen with exposed wooden beams and terrazzo island.
Simple bedroom corner with a round table, mug, and framed art on wall.
Modern bathroom with terracotta tiles, round mirror, and wall-mounted sink.
Terracotta tiled bathroom with a built-in sink and wooden stool.

About Moura Apartment

A Timeless Sanctuary: Moura Apartment’s Design Philosophy

In São Paulo’s lively Pinheiros district, the Moura Apartment stands as a monument to tranquility and refined taste. GurgelD’alfonso, tasked with the redesign in 2023, embarked on a journey to create more than a home — they aimed to sculpt a sanctuary. The vision was clear: craft an ambiance of serenity and inspiration, a counterpoint to the urban flurry.

At its core, the Moura Apartment cherishes simplicity and substance. The choice to strip back to the essentials, to the raw beauty of its modernist roots, speaks to a respect for materiality and form. The exposed roof of this 1950s building, now laid bare, invites light and air, transforming the space into a breathable canvas for living.

Marrying the Old with the New: A Material and Aesthetic Symphony

Vintage furniture pieces, meticulously chosen from the same era as the apartment’s original construction, anchor the space in history while conversing fluently with contemporary touches. This blend of old and new is not just a design choice but a narrative thread, tying together the apartment’s past with its current incarnation. The incorporation of terracotta materiality and the strategic placement of art enhances this dialogue, adding layers of warmth and texture.

The innovative use of a mirror box concept, which blurs the traditional demarcation between shared and private spaces, introduces an element of surprise and discovery. This design move not only expands the visual perception of the space but also elevates the apartment’s overall ambiance, offering ever-changing perspectives and a dynamic living experience.

A Personalized Approach to Urban Living

The Moura Apartment’s redesign reflects a deep understanding of its inhabitant’s desires for a space that serves both as a peaceful retreat and an inspiring backdrop to life. The careful selection of strong materials and furniture not only serves a functional purpose but also acts as a testament to the apartment’s unique character and the architectural vision of GurgelD’alfonso.

This São Paulo gem is more than just a place to reside; it is a manifestation of timeless design, where every corner, every choice of material, and every piece of furniture tells a story of creativity, serenity, and balance. The Moura Apartment, by blurring boundaries and embracing a minimalist yet rich design philosophy, ensures its place as a distinctive and inspiring home in the heart of one of Brazil’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

Photography by João Prado
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- by Matt Watts