The Slate Residence: Inside Quebec’s Luxurious Single-Level Home

Discover The Slate Residence, designed by Blouin Tardif Architecture in 2023. This house located in Montreal, Canada, redefines luxurious living with its blend of eco-friendly features and modern design. Set on the serene Lake of Two Mountains, it integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings, offering unparalleled views and a tranquil atmosphere. The house showcases innovative architectural features, prioritizing sustainability and accessibility across its single level.

Minimalist interior design with suspended moss spheres, wood paneling, and large artwork.
Elegant modern interior with sleek furnishings, pendant lights, and a view of nature.
Minimalist living room with wood-paneled walls, concrete floor, and plush furniture.
Minimalist living room with wood-panelled ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and large, plush sofa.
A modern, minimalist interior with wood paneling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and built-in shelving.
A modernist garage with sleek concrete architecture and vintage sports cars.
Modern outdoor living space with sleek black exterior, expansive glass walls, and cozy seating.
A modern building with a wooden facade, surrounded by lush greenery and landscaping.
Modern architectural design with wooden and stone elements, surrounded by lush greenery.

About The Slate Residence

A Masterpiece of Modern Architecture and Nature Fusion

The Slate Residence by Blouin Tardif Architecture emerges as a modern architectural marvel, perfectly nestled on the banks of Lake of Two Mountains in Montreal, Canada. Designed in 2023, this singular house captivates by harmonizing with its pristine environment. The residence unfolds on a serene plot surrounded by mature trees leading towards the water, framing every view and experience with nature’s beauty.

Innovative Design Catering to Lifestyle and Environment

Integrating a vast single-level living space with an extensive garage for car enthusiasts, The Slate adapts to its owners’ desires without compromising its environmentally sensitive setting. The use of two distinct volumes, for living and displaying an impressive car collection, forms an ‘L’ layout. This strategic design choice shelters private spaces and promotes an intimate connection with the lakefront, all while showcasing a commitment to minimizing ecological impact.

Sustainability Meets Elegance in Material Selection

Choosing materials like cedar and slate not only roots the house in the locale’s geological narrative but also emphasizes durability and natural beauty. The decision to employ slate from the Eastern Townships extends beyond the facade; it harmonizes drivable surfaces with the home’s overall aesthetic. This dedication to material integrity supports the vision of creating a sustainable, yet visually stunning, habitation.

Embracing the Landscape with Thoughtful Features

The residence boasts a central atrium that organizes space and invites natural light deep within the home, creating a tranquil, airy atmosphere. Further, the waterfront facade opens up with sliding glass panels, merging indoor comfort with the allure of lakefront living. Outdoors, an infinity pool and terraces extend the living spaces, enhancing the connection to the vivid landscape.

Advanced Systems for a Reduced Environmental Footprint

Incorporating high-performance mechanical systems and an efficient building envelope, The Slate sets a benchmark in sustainability. Advanced solutions like triple-glazed windows, radiant floors, and a geothermal loop underscore a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship, ensuring the residence is as thoughtful about its ecological impact as it is about providing comfort and luxury.

Delicately balancing client aspirations with environmental considerations, The Slate exemplifies modern architectural practices that value both form and sustainability, making it a beacon of contemporary house design in Quebec, Canada.

Photography by Raphaël Thibodeau
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- by Matt Watts