Les Rochers: A Blend of Heritage and Modern Design

Explore Les Rochers, a stunning house located in Havre-Aubert, Canada, designed by la SHED in 2020. This property is a blend of traditional architecture and contemporary design, offering panoramic sea views and a serene atmosphere. Its use of wood shingles connects it to heritage, while the interior’s modern aesthetic provides guests with luxury and comfort. Experience a unique stay where tradition meets contemporary elegance.

A modern, minimalist house with a striking triangular roof and large windows overlooking the landscape.
Minimalist living room with wood paneled walls, cozy sectional, and modern decor.
Bright, airy cabin interior with modern furniture, hardwood flooring, and scenic ocean view.
Beachy open-concept kitchen and dining area with panoramic ocean views and neutral wood tones.
Spacious, minimalist kitchen with large windows overlooking scenic landscape.
Cozy wooden cabin interior with vaulted ceiling, large window, and abstract art.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden headboard, abstract art, and neutral-toned decor.
Cozy bathroom with wood-paneled walls, oval mirror, and minimalist pendant light.
Rustic bathroom with shiplap walls, vanity, mirror, and glass-walled shower.
Striking contemporary house with black roof and lit windows overlooking the ocean.

About Les Rochers

Experience Modern Living in a Historical Context

Les Rochers sits on a landscape steeped in history in Havre-Aubert, Canada. What began as just a historic house has expanded into a modern haven for guests, courtesy of la SHED’s visionary design in 2020. This property comprises a main residence and a guesthouse, Les Rochers, born from a weekend of creative immersion by architect friends.

The architecture of Les Rochers pays homage to the past while embracing the future. Its design utilizes traditional wood shingles, connecting it to the regional heritage. Yet, it breaks from the past with large, dynamic windows and a contemporary interior. These windows serve not just as barriers from the elements but as frames to the ever-changing “paintings” of the surrounding landscape. Positioned on a hill, the house commands views of the sea, the road, and neighboring homes, with the scenery evolving based on the weather, lighting, and time of day.

Simplicity Meets Luxury

The interiors of Les Rochers, free from plaster, create a feeling of transparency and openness, contributing to the property’s light and airy design. This design philosophy extends to the guest experience as well. Owners aimed for a balance between minimalism and comfort, offering luxury without unnecessary opulence. This approach has created a space where guests can find peace and tranquility, surrounded by the natural beauty of Havre-Aubert.

Many guests come to Les Rochers with plans to explore, but find themselves captured by the simplicity and beauty of the local environment. They enjoy the sunsets, the beach, and the laid-back lifestyle, often with just baguettes and cheese for company. This residence is not just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to slow down and appreciate the serene beauty of life by the ocean.

Les Rochers stands as a testament to the power of architectural innovation that respects its roots while looking forward to the future. It offers an exceptional stay that combines the tranquility of nature with the comforts of modern design, making it a truly unique destination in Havre-Aubert, Canada.

Photography by Welcome Beyond
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- by Matt Watts