Designing for a Bachelor dy Pap.os design studio

A vivid and dynamic loft apartment for a bachelor

The interior designer G. Papos undertook to convert a former craft room in a residential loft for a busy bachelor client. The key element to emerged in the decoration of this loft, was the youthful and lighthearted playful pop aesthetic without altering the industrial characteristics of the building.

Given that the owner spends very little free time relaxing with friends, watching movies and playing games, it must be paid special attention to the living room configuration.

For this reason, in addition to standard TV, a projector was placed on the roof of the living room for movies. The furniture around the TV set indicates the owner’s love for cinema and designed by G. Papos specifically for this.

In the space between the dining and living room has formed a playroom where some clasic and retro games have been placed, thus giving a vintage mood.

The standard dining table has been replaced by a Poker table which apart from the entertainment is serving and dining needs.

From this comprehensive design concept could not have omitted the configuration of a bar space. The furniture of the bar is also a creation of a G. Papos. Made of lacquered wood combined with a large metal aged mirror towers in the area giving a special touch of baroque.

At the top level of this loft has configured the kitchen area. The cabinets have been replaced by super market shelves, the refrigerator has been replaced by a beverage freezer and the stove from a phone booth.

In the opinion of the owner, cooking takes time and if you do not it odd then assign it to someone else … and who can do this better than mommy?

Entering in the bedroom someone immediately finds the love of the owner for propeller-driven airplanes. At the specially designed roof, G. Papos has placed a real airplane propeller and a poster with a similar theme at the background of the bed.

The library furniture “tick” designed by G. Papos and recalls in a special way that in life one has to taste, hear, see, travel and learn new things




- by Matt Watts

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