Law Office by Nino Virag

What a coincidence – 2nd project from Croatia today. This time though, we’ll move to the capital, Zagreb, and present a quite interesting law firm interior design. To be concrete, Nino Virag of NVA is behind this project. Enjoy!

Description by Nino Virag

Free plan, six columns, 270 square meters. This should become the law office, with three separate offices/work places, executive office, meeting room, reception and archive.

The main idea was to keep the free plan, and to have natural light wherever possible.

But to meet the requirements space should have been divided into smaller offices. This was achieved with glass walls. At the places of existing columns, closed shelves are put into glass walls, to additionally separate the workplaces. Those shelves are the only visible (opaque) space dividers. Continuos wooden grill ceiling is emphasizing the idea of a single space – closed shelves are lower than the ceiling and glass walls are immersed into wooden grill.

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- by Matt Watts

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